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  • 03:15Dynasties
    Djur, Dokumentär, Säsong 1, Avsnitt 5

    Tigress Raj Bhera lives in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in India. She holds the perfect territory, with dense jungle, spring-fed ponds and rich grasslands teeming with prey, and now has four tiny newborn cubs to care for. They are the future of her dynasty, but the idyllic world that she inhabits is...

    BBC Earth HD
  • 04:15Life Below Zero
    Äventyr, Dokumentär, Säsong 11, Avsnitt 5

    Sue tries out a primitive hunting method for ptarmigan while Andy adjusts the new puppies to his sled team, and the Hailstones take baby Wade to snare rabbits.

    BBC Earth HD
  • 05:05Chasing Monstersplay
    Dokumentär, Fiske

    Cyril joins the local fishermen of Zihuatanejo, Mexico, where he gets tangled in his own fishing line and faces being drowned in an abyss as he tries to catch a huge sailfish.

    BBC Earth HD