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  • What'd You Miss?
    Ekonomi, Nyheter

    People are busy in the fast-paced world these days and may miss some of the news in the financial world that affects their investments. Bloomberg has that covered with this daily, half-hour show anchored by Alix Steel and Joe Weisenthal. After the market closes, they analyse what they took out of...

    Bloomberg TV HD
  • Bloomberg Technology
    Ekonomi, Nyheter

    Technology is not only becoming an increasingly important part of people's lives but also of the American economy. `Bloomberg Technology' takes a look at how the latest happenings in the tech industry are affecting the US markets. Analysis, commentary, interviews and interactive graphics are amon...

    Bloomberg TV HD
  • Bloomberg Daybreak: Australia
    Ekonomi, Nyheter

    Bloomberg continues the expansion of its `Daybreak' franchise with this version that includes reporting from New York and Sydney, Australia. `Daybreak: Australia' delivers news from the Australian market as well as developments from around the world that matter to decision-makers in the finance i...

    Bloomberg TV HD
  • Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia
    Ekonomi, Nyheter

    With Asia being about half a day ahead of America, when people are getting ready to settle in for the night in the US the day is just starting in places like China and Japan that are important to the global economy. Featuring anchors in both New York and Hong Kong, `Bloomberg Daybreak Asia' featu...

    Bloomberg TV HD
  • Bloomberg Markets: China Open

    The definitive guide to the markets in Hong Kong and on the mainland. Rishaad Salamat, David Ingles, Tom Mackenzie and Yvonne Man bring the latest news and analysis to start the trading day.

    Bloomberg TV HD
  • Bloomberg Markets: Asia
    Ekonomi, Nyheter

    In an effort to provide extensive coverage of worldwide financial markets, Bloomberg features several regional shows under the `Bloomberg Markets' banner, with each focusing on that geographic area's markets. This Asian-focused version is hosted by Shery Ahn, David Ingles, Haidi Lun, Rishaad Sala...

    Bloomberg TV HD