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  • 20:00Hala Gorani Tonight
    Diskussion, Nyheter

    Hala Gorani breaks down the day's news, curating the stories that matter and getting into exactly why they are important.

  • 21:00Quest Means Business
    Ekonomi, Konsument

    Richard Quest and a team of correspondents analyze the facts and figures from the business world to help people earn money and spend it wisely.

  • 22:00The Lead With Jake Tapper
    Diskussion, Intervju

    CNN's chief Washington correspondent, Jake Tapper, hosts this hour-long weekday afternoon program, which covers all the day's top stories from around the country and the world, headlines that span politics, money, sports and popular culture. `The Lead' works to ensure that viewers are caught up o...

  • 23:00CNN Today

    Detailed news and information, featuring all the important international news.

  • 23:30World Sport
    Antologi, Sportsnack

    Highlights and action from the world's sporting competitions.

  • 00:00CNN Today

    Detailed news and information, featuring all the important international news.

  • 02:00Anderson Cooper 360
    4.8 IMDb, Diskussion, Intervju

    Cooper brings his prickly but often witty perspective to current events and personalities in the news. He is joined by a series of guests that frequently include political and legal analysts.

  • 03:00Cuomo Prime Time
    Intervju, Nyheter

    After airing several different programs in this time slot in recent years, CNN attempts to solidify its prime-time schedule by moving Chris Cuomo to the toughest hour in cable news. Cuomo, the former co-anchor of CNN's morning show `New Day', eschews panel discussions in favour of in-depth one-on...

  • 04:00CNN Tonight

    `CNN Tonight' is part of the network's prime-time block, an hourlong offering of the day's biggest news stories mixed with features, interviews and commentary. It's anchored by veteran journalist Don Lemon, whose off-the-cuff news analysis often provokes a variety of opinions. Lemon joined CNN in...

  • 05:00Amanpour

    Peabody Award-winning journalist Christiane Amanpour, CNN's chief international correspondent, hosts this half-hour weeknight interview program, with each episode focusing on a newsworthy topic and featuring guests, from global leaders to heads of state and cultural icons, who are comfortable cha...