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  • 00:30Creflo Dollar

    Dr. Creflo Dollar ministers to people from all backgrounds with hopes for change. Creflo helps viewers find ways to renew their faith, mind and spirit. Based on the belief that the Bible is the written and inspired Word of God the show is meant to invoke change in the lives of people across the g...

    GOD TV
  • 01:00Good News
    Nyheter, Religion

    Daniel Kolenda shares a challenging word; drawing from his experiences on the mission field; CfaN has received over 75 million decision cards for Christ.

    GOD TV
  • 01:30Andrew Wommack: Gospel Truth

    Biblical principles with Andrew Wommack.

    GOD TV
  • 02:00Joyce Meyer Enjoying Everyday Life

    Noted for her humanitarian ministry efforts to aid suffering people around the world, Bible teacher Joyce Meyer reaches out to both Christians and non-Christians as she illustrates how to make each day better by applying biblical principles to every activity.

    GOD TV
  • 02:30God at Work

    Rich Marshall talks to Matt Bell, CEO of Startup Revival and coach to CEOs who relate the power of media through GODTV and many more.

    GOD TV
  • 03:00The Mum Show
    Diskussion, Religion

    Marina Magdalena, Emma and Clare explore different ways to help children engage with Jesus through prayer.

    GOD TV
  • 03:30Travel the Road

    After visiting a drug rehab center and witnessing the devastation of drug addictions, Tim and Will head to the border of Venezuela on a mission to destroy an HCL drug lab.

    GOD TV
  • 04:00GOD TV Partner Appeal
    Event, Religion

    Ward Simpson believes its time for Christians to sound a battle cry; the team and guests aim to equip the people for the battle and to defeat the enemy.

    GOD TV
  • 04:30Freshwind

    Melanie Rogato talks on "Who Is Jesus in Our Suffering," showing how Jesus wants the believer to experience his presence and be comforted through pain and suffering.

    GOD TV