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Boiler Room

7.0IMDb2000 • USA • 120 min

Den 19-åriga Seth driver ett illegalt casino i sin lägenhet i Queens, något som hans far ogillar. För att vinna tillbaks sin fars förtroende tackar Seth ja till ett jobberbjudande på en mäklarfirma.
Från kritikerna
    • Thanks to a classy, accurate script and some powerhouse performances by rising stars Affleck, Diesel and Ribisi, Boiler Room spends the majority of its running time convincing that these are not just pretty-boy actors playing...

    • ...Younger treats this story of guys in suits with phones as if it were a Hughes Brothers film about gunz and drugz in the hood.

    • First-time filmmaker Ben Younger makes not a single false move when delineating the merciless, high-testosterone world of boiler-room brokerages...

    • The movie hums with authenticity, and knows a lot about the cultlike power of a company that promises to turn its trainees into millionaires, and certainly turns them into efficient phone salesmen.

    • ...creepy-sweet Walter Keane puppy eyes, and seductive sense of calm, is the perfect actor to embody a lost young man who numbs himself into a happy zombie by selling financial snake oil. är en del av Schibsted som ansvarar för hanteringen av din data på den här webplatsen
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