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Breaking In
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Breaking In

7.1 IMDbKomedi • USA

Eine kleine Firma namens Contra Security betreibt zwielichtige Geschäfte mit Sicherheitstechnik. Um an Geld zu kommen, gehen die Mitarbeiter illegale Wege. Durch hacken und manipulieren gelangen die hoch intelligenten Mitarbeiter an ihre Ziele.

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Säsong 1
  • Säsong 1
  • Avsnitt 1 - Avsnitt 1
    Komedi, S1:A1

    Contra Security, a high-tech security firm that takes extreme - and often questionable - measures to sell its protection services is corporate America's answer to "The A-Team," giving clients a sense of security by first ripping it away. In the opener, Contra's man of mystery owner, Oz, blackmail...

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  • Avsnitt 4 - Avsnitt 4
    Komedi, S1:A4

    Melanie is overjoyed when her ex-con father re-enters her life, but the team is suspicious as it's the day they are hired to test the security of a museum with a priceless painting.

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  • Avsnitt 5 - Avsnitt 5
    Komedi, S1:A5

    Oz and the team are assigned to protect the sequel to "The Goonies" at a comic convention, and suspicion turns to fanboy Cash when the only copy of the movie goes missing.

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  • Avsnitt 6 - Avsnitt 6
    Komedi, S1:A6

    After the team botches their assignment to secure KFC's Secret Recipe, Oz orchestrates a team-building exercise, trapping the gang inside Contra Security over the weekend, forcing them to work together in order to break out of the office. Cameron's feelings for Melanie come out in the open, and C...

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