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Bugsy Malone

6.9IMDb1976 • 93 min

Fat Sam (John Cassisi), Bugsy (Scott Baio) and Tallulah (Jodie Foster) are kids playing adults in Roaring '20s New York.
Från kritikerna
    • Foster is the stand out, saucily experimenting with the role of Fat Sam’s moll...

    • Spoof of 1920s gangster pics with all-kiddie cast is [an] interesting idea...

    • It's a real curiosity, though, and perfectly watchable: a cod-1930s gangster musical, performed entirely by kids of around 13 years old.

    • original, a charming one, and it has yet another special performance by Jodie Foster... är en del av Schibsted som ansvarar för hanteringen av din data på den här webplatsen
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