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7.0 IMDb1989 • Högtid, Juridik • USA

Denna serie handlar om polisassistenter, konstaplar och sheriffer som patrullerar gatorna i jakt på biltjuvar, knarklangare, hallickar, våldsamma brottslingar eller andra lagbrytare. Det finns ingen musik, inget manus, ingen berättarröst. Bara poliser som gör sitt dagliga arbete. Man följer poliserna i 140 olika amerikanska städer men programmet har även spelats in andra länder, bland annat forna Sovjetunionen, Hong Kong och London.

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  • Avsnitt 1 - Feel the Heat
    Högtid, Juridik, S31:A1

    A fishy license plate helps officers prevent a possible burglary; police arrive just in time when a case of unrequited love turns violent; deputies are surprised by a suspected arsonist's choice of attire, or lack thereof.

  • Avsnitt 2 - Going Nowhere Fast
    Högtid, Juridik, S31:A2

    A clueless suspect's lies fall apart when his victim comes forward with security footage; fear gets the best of a driver when he tries to make a not-so-clean getaway; a late-night trip to the convenience store ends in tears.

  • Avsnitt 3 - Keys to Success
    Högtid, Juridik, S31:A3

    A feud between brothers escalates when someone pulls out a gun. A man won't stay away from his ex-girlfriend despite being under a court order. Officers have a heart-to-heart with a woman who wants to take control of her life.

  • Avsnitt 4 - In Denial
    Högtid, Juridik, S31:A4

    In a matter of seconds, officers go from arresting a suspect to saving his life; an unhappy husband reacts badly when his wife uncovers his internet history; a man's hostile behavior alienates and hurts everyone around him.

  • Avsnitt 5 - Bathroom Blitz
    Högtid, Juridik, S31:A5

    A stubborn suspect prolongs the inevitable when he bargains from a rooftop; Chaos ensues when a nightclub manager confronts the employee who stole his cash; a talkative man insists he meant to get arrested.

  • Avsnitt 6 - The Facts of Life
    Högtid, Juridik, S31:A6

    A night of watching football with the family descends into a full-blown fight; a notorious shoplifter wears out officers' goodwill when he's found with some stolen goods; a middle-aged suspect admits he can't escape the streets.

  • Avsnitt 7 - Three's Company
    Högtid, Juridik, S31:A7

    A suspect can't convince deputies that he had a good reason to run; a married couple's nosy roommate holds them back from kicking their bad habits; neighbors witness a husband and wife fight over their infant son.

  • Avsnitt 8 - Out the Window
    Högtid, Juridik, S31:A8

    A kitchen fire rapidly engulfs a house and traps one man on the top floor; a surprisingly calm runaway driver confuses officers when he blames his actions on nerves; a quiet suspect asks police to go easy on him.

  • Avsnitt 9 - Burning Rubber
    Högtid, Juridik, S31:A9

    Multiple attempts to stop a fleeing vehicle eventually gain traction; a driver becomes visibly agitated when deputies get closer to uncovering his secret; officers split up when a young cyclist tries to make a quick getaway.

  • Avsnitt 10 - Breaking the Cycle
    Högtid, Juridik, S31:A10

    An innocent man is startled when a runaway motorcyclist crashes into his trailer; a stubborn suspect plays dumb when deputies confront him with the truth; officers are disappointed when they run into a repeat lawbreaker.

  • Avsnitt 11 - Get a Bus Pass
    Högtid, Juridik, S31:A11

    An impulsive teenager can't stomach the magnitude of his mistake; one woman learns a lesson in not accepting rides from strangers; marital issues spiral out of control when a husband picks his wife up from jail.