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Dangerous Grounds


Todd Carmichael is as serious about coffee as he is, say, about competing in an ultramarathon or making an unsupported trek to the South Pole. The globe-trotter, in fact, accomplished the South Pole feat in 2008, and in the process he set a world record for the fastest time. He also applies his adventurous spirit to his business as a coffee buyer for top-end restaurants and gourmet outlets in the U.S. "Dangerous Grounds" follows Carmichael as he travels to remote -- and often dangerous -- locations in Haiti, Bolivia, Madagascar, Borneo and elsewhere on the hunt for rare strains of coffee beans. Growing up on a farm in Washington, Carmichael can relate to the farmers he buys from throughout the world. Because of this, he bypasses the distributor that typically takes advantage of the farmers, and he pays a fair price directly to the source.

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