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Eden's World



Eden Wood retired from the beauty pageant circuit after winning more than 300 crowns in her career. She now coaches other beauty queens while pursuing a career as an actress, singer and model in New York. And she hasn't even reached her tenth birthday yet. The model, who became known for being one of the featured pageant contestants on TLC's `Toddlers & Tiaras', works with her mother, Mickie, to take on overbearing stage mothers and terrified tots as they try to mould the pageant stars of tomorrow by offering tips and tricks that the Woods learned during their experiences on the pageant circuit. But, of course, Eden also needs some of the spotlight for herself so the show also follows her as she sets off to New York in search of becoming a superstar. Eden's `E Team' - comprised of Mickie, manager Heather, makeup artist Fran and publicist Andrew - stops at nothing to help make her entertainment dreams come true.
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