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Felicia's Journey

7.0IMDb1999 • 116 min

Pregnant Felicia (Elaine Cassidy) has come to England to look for her boyfriend, who she knows works in a factory but not which one. There, she meets an older caterer, Joseph (Bob Hoskins). Joseph is obsessed with old tapes of a TV chef, who was seemingly his mother. However, he is a mysterious character who lies and steals from Felicia while putting on a friendly face. Eventually Felicia begins to stay with Joseph, but things turn from bad to worse when he puts more of his schemes into action.
Från kritikerna
    • ...en fantastiskt egensinnig liten film...

    • As a portrait of the banality of evil, Bob Hoskins' Hilditch is little short of brilliant.

    • ...Egoyan focuses on the ultimately redemptive encounter between Felicia and Hilditch, which the director describes as a twist on the story of Beauty And The Beast.

    • Newcomer Cassidy is excellent, and Hoskins gives a flawless performance; he hides Hilditch's terrible secret life behind a creepy, avuncular concern and good-nature that's chilling in its banality.

    • Egoyan is (...) a devious director, achieving his effects at a level below the surface. He never settles for just telling a story. är en del av Schibsted som ansvarar för hanteringen av din data på den här webplatsen
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