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Giuliana & Bill

Giuliana & Bill

4.7 IMDb2013 • Dokumentär, Reality • Säsong 6, Avsnitt 8

Giuliana confronts her numerous fears, while Bill works to ensure Duke will not grow up to be afraid.
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Säsong 6
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  • Avsnitt 1
    Dokumentär, Reality, S6:A1

    The demands of parenting weigh heavily on the couple; Bill believes Chicago would be the perfect place for the family.

  • Avsnitt 2
    Dokumentär, Reality, S6:A2

    Giuliana tries to secure a nanny and a pediatrician for Duke as she works the busy awards season; Bill travels to Haiti on a charitable mission.

  • Avsnitt 3
    Dokumentär, Reality, S6:A3

    Giuliana turns to a life coach for help in balancing her work commitments with her personal obligations; Bill begins a fitness regimen; the couple hope to bring RPM Italian to Washington, D.C.

  • Avsnitt 4
    Dokumentär, Reality, S6:A4

    The couple consult with a sleep training expert for Duke; Giuliana readies for the launch of her spring clothing line; Duke's six-month birthday is cause for celebration.

  • Avsnitt 5
    Dokumentär, Reality, S6:A5

    The couple need to baby proof the house when Duke becomes more mobile; Giuliana works with a breast cancer charity; remodeling work is completed on Giuliana's office.

  • Avsnitt 6
    Dokumentär, Reality, S6:A6

    Giuliana plans a surprise celebration for Mama DePandi's 70th birthday; Bill works on a new juice line and spends quality time with Duke.

  • Avsnitt 7
    Dokumentär, Reality, S6:A7

    Giuliana drops subtle hints to Bill when she believes that he has forgotten her first Mother's Day; Mama DePandi is encouraged to publish a cookbook.

  • Avsnitt 8
    Dokumentär, Reality, S6:A8

    Giuliana confronts her numerous fears, while Bill works to ensure Duke will not grow up to be afraid.

  • Avsnitt 9
    Dokumentär, Reality, S6:A9

    The couple head to a coastal Mexican resort for their first vacation with Duke; Giuliana asks Bill his thoughts on having another child.

  • Avsnitt 10
    Dokumentär, Reality, S6:A10

    The couple ask Delphine, their former gestational surrogate, if she would consider carrying a second child for them; Bill receives an unusual belated Father's Day present.