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Globe Trekker
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Globe Trekker

8.6 IMDb2013 • Äventyr, Resor • Säsong 12, Avsnitt 3

Cajamarca, Peru, the site where Incan soldiers were slaughtered by Pizarro's conquistadors; Lima, once home to the Spanish Inquisition in South America; the volcano El Misti holds well-preserved ice mummies.
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    Avsnitt 1
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A1

    A road trip west across the U.S. includes the Blue Ridge Parkway and stops in Nashville and Memphis, Tenn.; Route 66, from Oklahoma to Arizona; the world's best preserved meteor crater.

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    Avsnitt 2
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A2

    Colonial Chihuahua, Mexico, where Pancho Villa started the Mexican Revolution; silver mine in Zacatecas; the colonial Silver Road to Mexico City.

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    Avsnitt 3
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A3

    Cajamarca, Peru, the site where Incan soldiers were slaughtered by Pizarro's conquistadors; Lima, once home to the Spanish Inquisition in South America; the volcano El Misti holds well-preserved ice mummies.

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    Avsnitt 4
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A4

    Santiago de Chile, gateway to Easter Island; Tahiti; an ocean voyage includes a crossing to Pitcairn Island.

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    Avsnitt 5
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A5

    Kingdom of Tonga; Fiji; Norfolk Island; Kanak people of Noumea, New Caledonia.

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    Avsnitt 6
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A6

    The Silk Road trade route begins at the silk capital of Xi'an, China; sampling the wines and grapes of Turpan; 1,000 Buddha cave in Kuqa; Kashgar Market.

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    Avsnitt 7
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A7

    The ancient kingdom of Samarkand and Bukhara in Uzbekistan; the lost city of Merv; the modern capital of Baku in Azerbaijan; bazaars of Istanbul.

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    Avsnitt 8
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A8

    Vampire myths in Bulgaria; Nis Skull Tower in Serbia; Dubrovnik, Split and Rijeka in Croatia; Vienna, Austria.

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    Avsnitt 9
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A9

    The U.S. Mint in Denver; hiking the Mesa Trail; research trip to Crow Canyon; Utah's ski resorts, the Great Salt Lake and national parks.

  • Avsnitt 10
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A10

    Bengal tigers at Sunderban National Park; floating school; ship-breaking yards in Chittagong, Bangladesh; seaside resort of Cox's Bazar.

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    Avsnitt 11
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A11

    Gerhard Church, Lake Sevan and the Armenian Genocide Memorial; Tbilisi, Georgia; the Caucasus Mountains; roots of Georgian song and dance; the carved city of Vardzia.

  • Avsnitt 12
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A12

    A banana plantation in Honduras; the Mayan ruins of Copan; Izalco volcano in El Salvador; El Imposible National Park; rodeo fiesta in San Luis del Carmen.

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    Avsnitt 13
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A13

    The Pho Binh noodle shop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; imperial cuisine; traditional banquet hosted by the Flower Hmong tribe; seafood feast.

  • Avsnitt 14
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A14

    A weekend with a 1950s theme includes stops in Atlantic City and Wildwood, N.J.; Delaware; crabbing on the Chesapeake Bay; the Art Museum in Philadelphia; Flight 93 National Memorial; Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh; and Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home in Virginia.

  • Avsnitt 15
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A15

    Spice trails reach from the Molucca Islands of Indonesia to the Indian province of Kerala; spice blends that define world cuisine include Jamaican jerk seasoning, Indian garam masala, Chinese five-spice powder, and Middle Eastern harissa.

  • Avsnitt 16
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A16

    The Mackintosh Museum in Glasgow, Scotland; Stirling, the site of a victory by William Wallace; island of Islay; fishing off the Isle of Skye; battlefield of Culloden; Clanloddoch Games and Gathering; Orkadian wedding; St. Andrews; Edinburgh International Festival.

  • Avsnitt 17
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A17

    Greek islands Hydra and Patmos; nightlife on Mykonos; Apollo's birthplace on Delos; city of Akrotiri on Santorini; hiking the Samaria Gorge on Crete; tiny island of Gavdos.

  • Avsnitt 18
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A18

    Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria; Yorubaland; witch doctors in Oyo; historic walled cities in northern Nigeria; ancient Kurmi Market; traditional Fulani village of Chafe; mountain gorilla in Nigeria's eastern highlands.

  • Avsnitt 19
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A19

    Touring Beirut and the Lebanese countryside to explore the country's people, culture and cuisine.

  • Avsnitt 20
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A20

    El Rastro flea market in Madrid; Spanish Civil War landmarks; El Escorial; Roman aqueducts of Segovia; hillside town of Toledo.

  • Avsnitt 21
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A21

    Day of the Dead festival in Pazcuaro, Mexico; old colonial town of Guanajuato; Acapulco; annual surfing festival in Puerto Escondido; Mayan ruins of Palenque; San Cristóbal.

  • Avsnitt 22
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A22

    San Telmo, Buenos Aires; Recoleta Cemetery; gaucho street fair; ferry excursion across the Rio de la Plata; Mendoza region of Argentina.

  • Avsnitt 23
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A23

    Luxembourg Gardens; Le Cordon Bleu; Palace of Versailles; Mona Lisa; a ride up the Eiffel Tower; Moulin Rouge.

  • Avsnitt 24
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A24

    Ski-touring the Haute Route from Chamonix, France, to Zermatt, Switzerland.

  • Avsnitt 25
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A25

    Exploring the roots of Cantonese cuisine; spiced pork; the rice fields of the Parl River Delta; tea mountains; city of Xiamen; soul food in Daya Bay.

  • Avsnitt 26
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A26

    World War II locations in the Pacific include Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, Chuuk Lagoon in Micronesia, the Solomon Islands, Bikini Island, Kokoda in Papua New Guinea and the Philippines; Japan's Nagasaki Peace Park.

  • Avsnitt 27
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A27

    Sea kayaking and penguin watching in Paradise Harbor, Antarctica; Mount Scott, Kiev Peninsula, Antarctica; crossing Drake Passage.

  • Avsnitt 28
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A28

    Surrounded by rain forests, mountains and volcanoes, St. Lucia, Martinique and Montserrat are three of the top vacation spots in the world.

  • Avsnitt 29
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A29

    Maputo, the capital of Mozambique; Africa's biggest coconut plantation; Mozambique Island, the first European settlement in East Africa; the village of Mueba.

  • Avsnitt 30
    Äventyr, Resor, S12:A30

    Reindeer racing competition at the Easter Festival in Norwegian Lapland; the northern lights; trekking through the Italian Dolomites to the via ferrata; the Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland.