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Historiskt drama

In Love and War

6.0IMDb1996 • USA • 115 min

Den unge Ernest Hemingway skadas i första världskrigets Italien och blir sedan förälskad i sjuksköterskan Agnes von Kurowsky. Ett möte som senare inspirerar honom till att skriva romanen 'Farväl till vapnen'.
Från kritikerna
      • As played by O'Donnell, the young Hemingway is a brash, callow youth who soon finds himself bored by his duties with the American Red Cross. Eager to get a taste of the real war...

      • Visually, In Love And War is everything you'd expect from Sir Dick - sweeping landscapes, impressively mounted set-pieces, and extras by the coach load.

      • The scenery is stunning (...) and O'Donnelland Bullock are more than up to the task at hand: The job calls for little more than good, old-fashioned American spunk, and no one oozes spunk quite like these two.

      • ...essentially the story of a romance between a naive kid and a woman who liked him--maybe even loved him--but was too wise to risk her life on his promises of future glory. är en del av Schibsted som ansvarar för hanteringen av din data på den här webplatsen
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