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116 min

The awakening in the 1930s of playwright Lillian Hellman to the growing threat of Nazism through the persecution and final execution of her childhood friend Julia.
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  • ...Zonca’s merely feeding off Swinton’s manic performance, which starts out tough to watch, then becomes gripping.

  • This overlong, lurchy homage to John Cassavetes' 1980 film Gloria is a mess, but a fascinating one...

  • This is not really sure what it wants to be, an out-an-out thriller or a character portrait, but it exels at both in parts.

  • Swinton here is amazing. She goes for broke and wins big time.

  • Zonca's story is an unruly beast, lurching this way and that like a biker hopped up on mescaline and paint thinner är en del av Schibsted som ansvarar för hanteringen av din data på den här webplatsen
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