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Some Thing Else

2014 • 63 min

For our tenth film we wanted to do something special. So all we did was capture our deepest powder ever, expeditions to the most remote mountain ranges, and the steepest spines on the planet. Combined with the most interesting characters on snow, and our usual low brow humor, and we have a ski movie worthy of our ten years filming the backcountry experience. Part ski porn, part documentary, this is a full on propaganda piece promoting the joys and wonder of exploring winter on skis and split-board. It’s our business and pleasure to break trail with those who are willing to put in the time, education and respect the mountains deserve and record it for posterity. This year we headed out looking for Some Thing Else, and we found it. -A last minute dream trip to Hokkaido, Japan with Eric Balken, Will Cardamone, Megan Michelson and Dan Abrams -A yurt stay in The Beartooth Mountains of Montana with Carston Oliver, Eric Balken, Ben Nobel and Alyssa Larson -Steep spine clinic with Neil Provo in the Tordrillo Mountains of Alaska -Phat Camp with Andrew McLean, Thomas Gaisbacher and Noah Howell in the Wrangell St Elias National Park and Preserve -Paul Kimbrough in the mighty Tetons crusading to resuscitate telemark skiing -Snowy Mountain Lodge in British Columbia hosts JP Auclair, Kalen Thorien, Ian Provo and Riley Leboe -A look into the mind and the turns of Freeride World Tour Champion Drew Tabke -Geoff McAndrews shows us the ups and downs of his world in the Salt River Range of Wyoming -Carston Oliver and happy fun times jumping crevasses in Alaska
  • Noah Howell
  • Alyssa Larson
  • Andrew McLean
  • Ben Nobel
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