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The Witcher: A Look Inside the Episodes


With series creator Lauren S. Hissrich as your guide, take an in-depth journey into the stories and themes powering the first season of "The Witcher."
  • Lauren Schmidt

Säsonger och avsnitt

Säsong 1
  • Säsong 1
Säsong 1
  • Avsnitt 1
    Dokumentär, S1:A1

    Series creator and showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich breaks down the opening scenes and outlines how Geralt's encounter with Renfri sets up the season.

  • Avsnitt 2
    Dokumentär, S1:A2

    Take a deep dive into the crucial role that Yennefer's backstory plays in her journey, and how the elves are a pillar in the Continent's world-building.

  • Avsnitt 3
    Dokumentär, S1:A3

    Delve into Geralt and Yennefer’s transformation stories, as he turns from slayer to savior, and she makes the ultimate sacrifice to become beautiful.

  • Avsnitt 4
    Dokumentär, S1:A4

    Hissrich explains how the show's timelines come together, the moment Geralt changes his destiny and what compels Ciri to continue on her quest.

  • Avsnitt 5
    Dokumentär, S1:A5

    Find out why the writers gave Geralt a terrible bout of insomnia and explore the magic-entangled dynamics of his fateful first encounter with Yennefer.

  • Avsnitt 6
    Dokumentär, S1:A6

    After an intimate glimpse inside Geralt and Yennefer's complicated relationship, discover what it means for Ciri's story arc when she picks up a knife.

  • Avsnitt 7
    Dokumentär, S1:A7

    Dig into Geralt's white-knight complex, Ciri's character growth and what Hissrich describes as one of the season's loveliest scenes.

  • Avsnitt 8
    Dokumentär, S1:A8

    From the meaning behind the finale's title to Geralt's dream and Yennefer's real motivation, Hissrich dissects events as the paths of destiny collide.

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