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Drama, Medicin

The Good Doctor

8.1IMDb2017 • USA

En ung kirurg med autism flyttar från sitt lugna liv på landsbygden för att arbeta på det prestigefyllda sjukhuset San Jose St. Bonaventure.
Från kritikerna
    • Expect The Good Doctor to run for seven seasons, at which point you can binge an afternoon of reruns when you yourself are feeling under the weather.

    • ...The Good Doctor will join This is Us as that rare network hit in the age of streaming supremacy.

    • ...could develop into something interesting—and has enough beautiful people in scrubs to keep viewers engaged...

    • While there may be different ways to be good and to express caring, The Good Doctor suggests, it is something worth aspiring to -- an idea that may especially appeal to viewers who have experienced health care as scary, impersonal and alienating.

    • The Good Doctor is destroying one misconception about autism at a time.

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