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The Good Fight



Efter att en finansiell bluff förstört advokaten Maia Rindells rykte och utplånat hennes mentor Diane Lockharts besparingar, tvingas de ut ur Lockhart & Lee och sammanfogas med advokatbyrån Lucca Quinn i Chicago.
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Från kritikerna
  • ...current, urgent, steeped in real-life politics that make it a little more than just a compelling character-driven drama.

  • immensely satisfying show that combines soapy machinations with grounded legalese and an authentic awareness of contemporary America. There’s a lot of fight left in this one.

  • This is both a set-up ripe with potential and that shamefully rare phenomenon, a showcase for three fascinating, three-dimensional female leads.

  • There's something so comforting and familiar about the show, like curling up with a book by your favorite author.

  • ...a sleek and very intelligent drama...

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