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Säsong 1
  • Säsong 1
Säsong 1
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    Avsnitt 1 - Hector
    Drama, S1:A1

    Aisha og Hector holder en havefest for at fejre Hectors fødselsdag. Hector forsøger at skjule sin fascination af deres babysitter, teenageren Connie, og Hectors fætter giver et barn, som ikke er hans eget, en lussing.

  • Avsnitt 2 - Harry
    Drama, S1:A2

    The situation is escalated as the police pay Harry a visit; a flared temper gets in the way of an apology.

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    Avsnitt 3 - Anouk
    Drama, S1:A3

    While trying to balance her TV show, her sick mother and her younger boyfriend, Anouk learns she is pregnant.

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    Avsnitt 4 - Manolis
    Drama, S1:A4

    Manolis encourages Aisha to forgive Harry in hope of rebuilding friendships and saving the family, but things don't work out as he expected.

  • Avsnitt 5 - Connie
    Drama, S1:A5

    Connie believes her relationship with Hector will save her from her mundane life; when Connie professes her love to Hector, she must deal with what comes next.

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    Avsnitt 6 - Aisha
    Drama, S1:A6

    After Aisha's emotional business trip, Hector surprises her with a getaway; each of their secrets are revealed.

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    Avsnitt 7 - Rosie
    Drama, S1:A7

    Rosie alienates the few supporters she had left; Gary comes to Rosie's defense when Thanasis dismantles her testimony.

  • Avsnitt 8 - Ritchie
    Drama, S1:A8

    Harry and Thanasis unearth a dark story from Ritchie's past, sending Ritchie into a destructive spiral; Gary encourages Ritchie to tell the truth.