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Garden Rescue

Renovering, Trädgård • Storbritannien

Charlie Dimmock och bröderna Harry och David Rich reser land och rike runt för att göra om folks trädgårdar. Men de måste hålla sig inom en tight budget, om det så är 5000 pund eller 50 000 pund. Det ställer höga krav på kreativiteten.

Säsonger och avsnitt

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  • Avsnitt 1 - Redditch
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A1

    A single mum of two in Redditch, Holly's garden has turned into a virtual jungle. Can the intrepid threesome come up with a plan to give this family a safe and fun place to play?

  • Avsnitt 2 - Rutland
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A2

    Charlie Dimmock and Harry and David Rich start with a clean slate in Rutland, and come to the aid of Manjinder. She wants to create an interactive and colourful space to pass her love of gardening on to her two small nephews. Can the team make it happen on her small budget?

  • Avsnitt 3 - Andover
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A3

    Charlie Dimmock and the Rich Brothers travel to Andover. Animal-lover Sue would like to share her garden with the hedgehogs who live in the neighbourhood, so which designer will create a space both safe and beautiful?

  • Avsnitt 4 - Cardiff
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A4

    With two little ones and a home renovation going on, Cardiff couple Nadine and Steve have paid little attention to their spacious garden. Can Charlie and the boys come up with design ideas that blend entertaining spaces and room for growing children?

  • Avsnitt 5 - Coventry
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A5

    Music-loving couple Paul and Victoria welcome Charlie and the Rich Brothers to their retro-styled home in Coventry. With an original Anderson Shelter in place and its owners bursting with imagination, this space is ready for a creative makeover.

  • Avsnitt 6 - Clapham
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A6

    Charlie and the Rich Brothers meet Arvinder and Yolanda, a couple juggling older parents, twin babies and busy careers. Their garden has fallen into disrepair, so the team heads to south London to make a space where the family can stop and reflect.

  • Avsnitt 7 - Leicester
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A7

    In Leicester the team meet Paul, a personal trainer who would like to use his space for clients, as well as for relaxing with friends and family. Can the team give him an all-purpose garden that also takes into consideration his disability?

  • Avsnitt 8 - Bourne
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A8

    Charlie Dimmock and the Rich Brothers are tasked with bringing a tropical vibe to a sparse garden in Lincolnshire. Lizzie and Mike want the colours and feel of an island getaway, so which design will they choose?

  • Avsnitt 9 - Liphook
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A9

    The team is in Liphook with a challenge on their hands. Anne and Shaun have a big garden, and a daughter who has her own ideas on what makes a perfect outdoor space. Can the Rich brothers save the day, or will Charlie's design suit the family best?

  • Avsnitt 10 - Newport
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A10

    Tracey and Rob's Newport home has it all: dangerous sloped banks, a multi-level space full of wild weeds, overgrown hedges and too many trees. For those brave enough to make it to the top, however, the garden offers a magnificent view.

  • Avsnitt 11 - North Walsham
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A11

    Charlie and the brothers go head to head to win the right to make over the garden of Christine and Tony, who were shot in a terrorist attack in Tunisia in June 2015. If ever a couple needed the peace and consoling virtues of a garden, it is this one.

  • Avsnitt 12 - Northampton
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A12

    Charlie and the Rich brothers are in Northampton at the garden of Theresa and Martyn. The couple have retired and with their children moved out and providing them with grand children, they would like to enjoy a formal cottage garden.

  • Avsnitt 13 - Aylesbury
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A13

    The team are in Aylesbury with Michelle and Alistair. They have a small back garden but they need it to work hard for them providing an entertainment and relaxation space, and somewhere to burn off steam for their two daughters, who both have autism.

  • Avsnitt 14 - Norwich
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A14

    The team are in Norwich at the garden of Taj and Rachel, who have been together for nearly four years and have a puppy, and a baby on the way. They would love to challenge the designers to tackle the slope at the bottom of their garden.

  • Avsnitt 15 - Lymington
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A15

    Elaine in Lymington loves gardening, but her front garden is out of control, with loads of messy shrubs, an out-of-control conifer and a front door that the postman can't find. Can the team give purpose to the chaotic front space that matches Elaine's own dramatic style?

  • Avsnitt 16 - Shrewsbury
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A16

    Roxy and Steve live in Shrewsbury with their young children, but their garden has nothing exciting for children. It's so bad that when their children's nine year-old cousin came round to play, she complained there was nothing to do in the garden.

  • Avsnitt 17 - Lee on Solent
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A17

    Sheena and James have saved hard to create their dream garden. The only trouble is, despite being a gardening enthusiast, Sheena has run aground in her efforts to create a garden that is green and tree-filled but also a nod to their coastal area.

  • Avsnitt 18 - Bitterne
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A18

    Amanda and Lewis have a budget of £3,000 to create their dream garden. The couple have finished furnishing and decorating their first home together, and now they want a garden to match their stylish taste and eye for a sophisticated finish.

  • Avsnitt 19 - Winchester
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A19

    In Winchester, Busy doctor Carolyn wants a tranquil spot to help her escape the stresses of her high-pressure job. Her happy place has always been by the beach, so can the team bring a touch of the beach to her back garden?

  • Avsnitt 20 - Stratford-upon-Avon
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A20

    In Stratford, Simon and Steve want a stylish garden with dramatic twists, suitable for the home town of William Shakespeare. Can the team come up with something that is stylishly modern with hints of Tudor heritage?

  • Avsnitt 21 - Teignmouth
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A21

    Danielle and Andy in Teignmouth have a wonderful opportunity to create a delightful terraced garden in the back of their smart new home. The only problem is, they don't have the green fingers to do their garden justice.

  • Avsnitt 22 - Exeter
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A22

    Steve and Alice are after an Ibiza-flavoured outdoor space inspired by Alice's past living abroad. They have a budget of £2,500 and want a garden that will do justice to their new kitchen extension that spills outdoors through large bi-fold doors.

  • Avsnitt 23 - Stowmarket
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A23

    In Stowmarket, Charlie and the Rich brothers have to turn a total concrete jungle into a family-friendly back garden for Jason, Esther, and their kids. The couple have a budget of £3,000 to create a space where they can enjoy sitting out as a family.

  • Avsnitt 24 - Wolverhampton
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A24

    The team are in Wolverhampton to visit Bob and Maureen, who have a south-facing garden and are in desperate need of some shade. Maureen has lupus, and she comes out in bad rashes if her skin is exposed to the sun.

  • Avsnitt 25 - Mansfield
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A25

    Two years ago, Annette moved into her house in Mansfield with her three sons. After doing up the house, she now needs help with the garden, but her £2,500 budget is all the money she has, so the pressure is on the team to deliver.

  • Avsnitt 26 - Hoveringham
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A26

    Emma and Steve have a beautiful home in Hoveringham overlooking the River Trent, but the only trouble is, the house and wonderful view are let down by a disaster of a front garden. They want to have some more privacy without losing the river view.

  • Avsnitt 27 - Corby
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A27

    In Corby, Northamptonshire, the team help Keri and Mark to see if their boring and featureless back garden can be turned into a relaxing and tranquil social space, built around a bar that the couple desire. With a whole garden to make over and a proper bar to build too, it is going to be a diffic...

  • Avsnitt 28 - Wallasey
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A28

    Sue lost her husband seven years ago, and later lost her mother, making it a difficult and painful period in her life. She has finally settled down in a home in Wallasey that she feels she can start a new life in, and needs a new garden.

  • Avsnitt 29 - Hagley
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A29

    Retirees Kate and Derek have downsized to a property in Hagley that works for them in all ways, except for the garden. There are good bones to the space, but the old grey slab patio with its two-foot drop into a gravel seating area is a trip hazard.

  • Avsnitt 30 - Fallowfield
    Renovering, Trädgård, S3:A30

    82-year-old Anita needs her late husband's much-loved Fallowfield garden revitalised by the team. She would love the garden to be as good as it used to be, and to enjoy her daily evening gin and tonic in the sunshine.