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True Beauty

2009 • USA

I jakten på äkta skönhet genomgår tio vackra deltagare olika tester.

Säsonger och avsnitt

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  • Avsnitt 1 - The Stealing Challenge
    Reality, S2:A1

    The contestants, working with stylists, have a $200 budget and 30 minutes to create a signature Vegas look; each player is given a chance to steal an item out of their budget to get an edge in the competition.

  • Avsnitt 2 - The Secret
    Reality, S2:A2

    Impressionists Penn and Teller teach the remaining contestants a magic trick and swear them to secrecy; a reporter tries to get the contestants to spill the beans about the trick; a contestant is eliminated.

  • Avsnitt 3 - Grace Under Fire
    Reality, S2:A3

    The remaining contestants conduct televised man-on-the-street interviews on the Vegas Strip; a focus group of hard-to-impress people critiques the interviews; the tension mounts during a heated argument.

  • Avsnitt 4 - Finding the Ring
    Reality, S2:A4

    The remaining contestants must create a nearly nude ad campaign for a buffet; the hidden camera test reveals which contestants will sift through garbage to find someone's lost engagement ring.

  • Avsnitt 5 - Change My Score!
    Reality, S2:A5

    The remaining contestants prepare to be tour bus guides; when offered the chance, a contestant tries to change a score.

  • Avsnitt 6 - Bride in Trouble
    Reality, S2:A6

    A contestant has a meltdown after losing a challenge; the contestants encounter a bride being belittled by her mother.

  • Avsnitt 7 - Stop Smoking!
    Reality, S2:A7

    The four remaining contestants encounter a pregnant woman who is smoking and drinking; a contestant has a hard time completing a challenge after drinking all day by the pool.

  • Avsnitt 8 - The Final Test
    Reality, S2:A8

    The final three contestants party all night, then must shoot a commercial for Las Vegas; the contestants see what the spy cameras have captured; the winner is revealed.