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Ugly Delicious

7.8IMDb2018 • USA

Inget skitsnack. Bara god mat. Stjärnkocken David Chang tar med sig sina vänner ut på en aptitretande och interkulturell resa på jakt efter världens godaste käk.
Från kritikerna
    • In the very least, it provides plenty of food for thought.

    • In the Chang vernacular, it looks bonkers, and you'll want to crush it.

    • I don't watch much food television. What it serves up - competition, showiness - has never really made me hungry. Until now. David Chang's series "Ugly Delicious," on Netflix, makes me ravenous.

    • It's a cooking show that has explicit judgments, and that states them, and sometimes tries to work through them, which makes it less soothing than some other cooking shows, but also more interesting.

    • appetizing. I cannot stress this enough: If you are going to sit down and watch one or more episodes of Ugly Delicious, for the love of God, bring snacks.

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