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The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door
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The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door

CBS Reality, Ons 20 mars 04:25 - 05:10

Dokumentär, Storbritannien

Apparently not everyone is familiar with the concept of being neighbourly. There are 6 million complaints of nightmare neighbours across Britain every year, with some of the most extreme examples featured in this programme, which details what it is like to live next to the bad neighbours. Viewers witness the perpetrators being caught in the act through footage from neighbours' cameras, closed-circuit TV and phones. Threatening dogs, loud parties and aggressive behaviour are among the more common complaints that lead to outcomes that include evictions and sometimes violence.

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  • 01:00Avsnitt 1 - Murder House

    A woman in South Wales was shocked to discover the truth about her neighbour's deadly past.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 3 - Fight Back

    Marion and her son Jason have lived quietly in a peaceful suburb of Birmingham for 15 years. But their peace is shattered when new neighbours start making changes to their garden. Tempers flare, violence erupts and knives come out.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 4

    The Boltons and the Gardners battle to see who can play their stereo the loudest. Widow Dawn is distressed a neighbour's complaint about her dog. Life in a retirement complex is changed when a newcomer assaults two pensioners.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 5

    Terry hatches a plan to oust his party-loving neighbour. Brian and Jane regret welcoming a couple into their community when the pair turn out to be violent. Mairead's neighbours, meanwhile, saw fit to dig into her garden to build their swimming pool.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 6

    One person's friendliness is another's invasion of privacy.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 8

    Armando is passionate about his amateur radio, but the neighbours claim the 30ft mast is affecting their health. Christine thought an injunction would keep Matthew away from her, until he made a very personal appearance.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 9

    Pensioner and single dad George relishes his quiet time and chose a cul-de-sac in Grimsby for its fellow residents, who were all over the age of 50. He was surprised when a new resident moved in next door and started throwing loud parties.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 10

    A woman from Gloucester grew to cope with round-the-clock noise and shouting coming from next door, but when the neighbours' extended family moved in things escalated to unbearable, violent levels.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 11

    A mature student suffers when the woman downstairs turns her flat into a 24/7 party house, but worse was to come when it all went quiet. A cat lover discovers a shocking secret in a neighbour's back garden after one of her pets went missing three times. A single dad's relations with a neighbour t...

  • 01:00Avsnitt 12

    An unexpected visitor shines a light on the dark nature of a tenant, an old face causes new problems and a doctor can't find a remedy for a neighbour with huge plans.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 13

    A self-styled community crusader turns his attention to his neighbour who has erected a high fence without permission.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 14 - When Neighbours Attack

    A six-year dispute over a shared drive leads to a fight that leaves one man in hospital and another in court, and a woman's complaints about noise levels coming from next door are met with threats that force her to call in the police.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 15

    When Soliman and his family moved to a cul de sac in Hampshire he suffered racial abuse from neighbour Daniel when he complained about his noisy TV. In Merseyside, Keith had not long moved into his bungalow when next door neighbour Jean started banging on his walls.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 16

    A new arrival in a Lancashire cul-de-sac provokes a deadly confrontation, there is disharmony when a musician moves to Lincolnshire and seven huskies cause issues in Norwich.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 17

    Giovanni set up a tourist attraction in Snowdonia National Park, but neighbour Terence launched a campaign of violence and vandalism. Saif's downstairs neighbour James disturbed his peace with all-night parties and abuse. Andrea's attempt to fight fire with fire led to a warning about her behaviour.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 18

    A new arrival in a cul-de-sac provokes a deadly conflict.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 19

    Documentary series exploring cases of complaints about difficult neighbors across Britain.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 20

    After Warren and Sheree moved they believed they had left Harry, their nightmare neighbour, behind. But Harry had other ideas.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 21

    A compilation of cases featuring feuding neighbours. Barry and Phyllis waved goodbye to the quiet life when Mr Barker set up a car scrapyard on his driveway.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 22

    Spiraling events when Lesley took measures to stop neighbours driving across her property landed her on the wrong end of the law.