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  • 01:00Avsnitt 1
    Juridik, Reality

    A woman sues the allegedly drunken driver who rammed into her car, and expenses divide a couple.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 2
    Juridik, Reality

    A man says his wife tricked him into marriage in order to get a green card, a woman sues the man who shot her child in the face.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 3
    Juridik, Reality

    A witness is on the verge of blacking out when she is called to testify against her husband who is accused of assaulting a teen driver during a violent road rage incident.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 6
    Juridik, Reality

    An 8-year-old knocks out another child's teeth, and a woman wants repayment for apartment decorations.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 7
    Juridik, Reality

    A cage fighter is accused of assaulting a relative, and a pit bull killed a neighbour's duck.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 9
    Juridik, Reality

    A teen's outrage over her two-timing boyfriend leads to vandalism.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 12
    Juridik, Reality

    A beating with a belt, an attack with a metal pipe, and an accusation that money was stolen are allegations disputed by ex-roommates who found each other via the Internet.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 14
    Juridik, Reality

    She sues for the return of property; he counter sues for false arrest and vandalism; a renter is unable to pay because of hard economic times and underage drinking.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 21
    Juridik, Reality

    A tenant and landlord fight over rent and damages, and a bed-and-breakfast owner is sued for taking his house off a ghost tour.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 26
    Juridik, Reality

    A basketball coach takes the law into his own hands when a player steals money from a teammate.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 70
    Juridik, Reality

    Unwed parents fight over forgery, an illegal Jeep repossession and alleged harassment.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 74
    Juridik, Reality

    Lacerated bottom lip requiring seven stitches and cracked teeth are the result of a man throwing a glass at a friend's face.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 75
    Juridik, Reality

    A former friend sues a teen for wrecking his car by hitting a speed-limit sign and the recipient of a $3,000 loan says it was a gift.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 76
    Juridik, Reality

    An assault with a baseball bat is disputed by a young man and his former boss. A Bradford pear tree crashes to the ground after it is hit by a car when a young woman slides off the icy road.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 78
    Juridik, Reality

    Unaware of the reason her boyfriend is in jail, a woman sues his friend for the return of a vehicle; dog owners dispute liability and veterinary bills after one's pet attacks the other.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 81
    Juridik, Reality

    A teenager's grandfather claims a man illegally sold the boy a car; a fight over a toilet brush divides family friends and allegedly leads to an assault.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 82
    Juridik, Reality

    A pregnant woman is accused of pepper spraying her ex-boyfriend and slamming a rock on his car windshield, a paternity test and a lawsuit over damages follow.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 83
    Juridik, Reality

    Judge Judy presides over real small-claims cases inside a televised courtroom.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 84
    Juridik, Reality

    Road rage intensifies when motorists taunt each other and get out of their cars after they slam into each other, a man sues a fellow motorist for `causing' him to hit her.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 85
    Juridik, Reality

    The purchase of crystal meth and the arrest that followed are disputed by ex-friends who fight over impound fees when the car used in the drug deal is taken by police.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 86
    Juridik, Reality

    A man with three ex-wives, is sued by his ex-girlfriend for an alleged loan to help finalise his latest divorce. He counter sues for money he claims he spent to fix up her house.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 87
    Juridik, Reality

    When free chickens are offered up via an internet ad, a man travels for hours to collect on the offer only to find it rescinded. He sues for fuel costs and punitive damages.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 88
    Juridik, Reality

    A man says his ex broke into his room and destroyed his belongings after a rock hit him in the head; former neighbours fight over garage-sale items.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 92
    Juridik, Reality

    An angry motorist is accused of jumping out of his car and putting his hands around the neck of a teen whom he claims was driving erratically and putting his family at risk.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 94
    Juridik, Reality

    A worker is fired after a shouting match with his boss whom he claims assaulted him on his way out. Both men sue each other for damages.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 96
    Juridik, Reality

    A former employer sues a nanny for the balance on a vehicle he helped her to purchase. A man posts on the Internet compromising photos of his ex-girlfriend.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 99
    Juridik, Reality

    After becoming engaged in Europe, a young couple gets entangled in a lawsuit with family members over unauthorised credit card charges during the trip.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 100
    Juridik, Reality

    A woman claims her ex-roommate trashed her belongings after she found out about an alleged fling she had with her boyfriend, they sue each other for damages.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 111
    Juridik, Reality

    A teen says his estranged sister and her boyfriend gave him a car, but they want payback. Also, a landlord sues a woman who suddenly moved out after she was attacked in her home.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 126
    Juridik, Reality

    Allegations of income tax fraud cloud a man's bid to retrieve a refund.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 180
    Juridik, Reality

    A man sues his ex-lover for a GPS system, a security deposit and rent.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 186
    Juridik, Reality

    A man says his 12-year-old daughter's $3,000 bicycle was damaged while she was training for a triathlon.