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Regular Heroes



  • Alicia Keys
  • Allister
  • Andrew Thomas
  • Andy Bales

Säsonger och avsnitt

Säsong 1
  • Säsong 1
Säsong 1
  • Avsnitt 1
    Dokumentär, S1:A1

    Alicia Keys pays tribute to the courageous efforts of three regular heroes. Senior Inventory Specialist Trevor Henry helps his hospital battle COVID-19. As owner of the only grocery store within a 5 mile radius, Burnell Cotlon keeps his doors open for the lower 9th ward community. Athena Hayley p...

    Prime Video
  • Avsnitt 2
    Dokumentär, S1:A2

    Kevin Hart spotlights three regular heroes going above and beyond for their communities. Jonté Lee educates students with virtual science lessons from his home. Roman Grandinetti keeps his deli open to provide meals for first responders and students in need. Charlotte Trapman-O'Brien, despite the...

    Prime Video
  • Avsnitt 3
    Dokumentär, S1:A3

    Nick Jonas spotlights three regular heroes going above and beyond for their communities. EMT Diana Wilson sacrifices not seeing her kids in order to assist those in need. Reverend Andy Bales risks his own safety to help the homeless, despite his many health issues. Trucker Serita Lockley continue...

    Prime Video
  • Avsnitt 4
    Dokumentär, S1:A4

    Kelly Rowland pays tribute to three regular heroes. Dana Marlowe works nonstop to ensure all women get the feminine hygiene products they need. Sanitation worker Angel Santiago continues to collect garbage, despite the risk of bringing Covid home to his 91 year old father. Woody Faircloth and his...

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