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  • 01:00Avsnitt 6
    Game show, Högtid

    The first to host in south London is fashion journalist Robert Johnston, who serves a starter of Stilton ice cream and tomato sorbet and slow roasted pork with chili and fennel.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 7
    Game show, Högtid

    It's day two in south London and trainee aqua-aerobics instructor Jennifer Joseph is determined to keep it real with a mountain of home-cooked Caribbean food.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 8
    Game show, Högtid

    In south London, bricklayer Joe Kempster loves food, football and a good drinks, and prides himself on making all his dishes from scratch, but after he annoyed everyone on Tuesday, can Joe win over his wary guests?

  • 01:00Avsnitt 9
    Game show, Högtid

    It's Karen Hill's turn to host in south London; Karen's determined to impress, but perhaps she's trying a little too hard by making a whopping seven dishes of food.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 10
    Game show, Högtid

    It's the final day of the competition in south London and the turn of laid-back host Majid Ravandi with his easy-going approach to cooking.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 26
    Game show, Högtid

    First to host in Birmingham is canal-boat stewardess Denise Hendon, who, by her own admission, is not the world's greatest cook, but she hopes a night of Moroccan-themed revelry will do the job.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 27
    Game show, Högtid

    In Birmingham, lady of leisure Daniella Lawler plans to wow her guests with a four course Italian-inspired menu.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 28
    Game show, Högtid

    Office administrator Angela McFarlane plans a fun-filled evening complete with a limbo competition.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 29
    Game show, Högtid

    In Birmingham, the penultimate host of the week is electrician Elliot Jauncey who, despite a lack of dinner party experience, is planning a top-class menu featuring not one, but two desserts.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 30
    Game show, Högtid

    The last to host in Birmingham is the devilishly good-looking French foodie Jean-Benoit Burloux, who plans a fabulous four-course menu including a salad of crab in a bird's nest.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 41
    Game show, Högtid

    The first to host in Edinburgh is 28-year-old Andy Daykin, who has opted for a somewhat clichéd Scottish-themed dinner party, complete with haggis, bagpipes, whisky and cranachan.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 42
    Game show, Högtid

    Hostess Irena Magdolowic is serving a Polish menu; having been bored by the conversation last night, Irena plans to ban any political chat and replace it instead with a night of traditional Polish food and entertainment.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 43
    Game show, Högtid

    In Edinburgh, it's self-confessed cougar Liz Grant's turn; having flirted with 28-year-old Andy for the last two nights, she is determined to make her move; Andy is so worried that he's vowed never to let himself be alone in her house.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 44
    Game show, Högtid

    The host is PA and rock chick, 26-year-old Michelle Lindsay; so far, she's been served up all sorts of nasty treats, so she is fairly confident that it won't be too hard to wow her guests with her bizarre array of dishes.

  • 01:00Avsnitt 45
    Game show, Högtid

    The host is Italian-born food snob, Toni Giugliano; Toni thinks that he has been served up poor food all week and tonight is his chance to take the prize by impressing his guests with his specially created Scottish/Italian menu.

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