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False Identity

False Identity

2018 • Drama

Strangers Diego and Isabel flee their home in Mexico and pretend to be a married couple to escape his drug-dealing enemies and her abusive husband.


  • Alejandra Zaid
    Alejandra Zaid
  • Alejandro Camacho
    Alejandro Camacho
  • Alejandro Faugier
    Alejandro Faugier
  • Alvaro Guerrero
    Alvaro Guerrero

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Säsong 1
  • Säsong 1
  • Avsnitt 1
    Drama, S1:A1

    The mayor hatches a plan to hide his brother from Gavino's cartel and Isabel from her abusive husband. Gavino puts a price on Diego's head.

  • Avsnitt 2
    Drama, S1:A2

    Isabel, Diego, and little Ricardo cross into the United States. They are now Camila, Emiliano, and Max Guevara. Eliseo declares war on Gavino.

  • Avsnitt 3
    Drama, S1:A3

    Eliseo learns that Augusto, the Sonora boss, financed his campaign. To prove it, he gives Circe the coordinates for the next shipment of cocaine.

  • Avsnitt 4
    Drama, S1:A4

    After losing the goods to the feds, Gavino discovers who sold him out. Isabel, Ricardo, and Diego arrive in Mexico City. Isabel's daughter disappears.

  • Avsnitt 5
    Drama, S1:A5

    Thrown out of her house, Circe moves in with Joselito, who says he's the reason she's still alive. Augusto fakes a kidnapping. Isabel can't find work.

  • Avsnitt 6
    Drama, S1:A6

    Amanda is in danger every second she's with her father. Isabel begins working at a cabaret to be able to pay a good lawyer, and Diego wants to help.

  • Avsnitt 7
    Drama, S1:A7

    Gavino's daughter seeks revenge on Diego, so she seduces Joselito and promises to please him in return for a favor. Piochas and Deivid find Isabel.

  • Avsnitt 8
    Drama, S1:A8

    Emiliano Guevara is interviewed after saving a man's life. Eliseo is annoyed with his brother and resigns from his job to run for governor.

  • Avsnitt 9
    Drama, S1:A9

    Isabel lies to Diego about her job again and he plans to expose her. Joselito's thug corners Eliseo. Camila confronts Ramona.

  • Avsnitt 10
    Drama, S1:A10

    Diego is jealous when Isabel dances for others and demands she quit. Eliseo knows Joselito was with his attacker. Marlene sees Lourdes being taken.

  • Avsnitt 11
    Drama, S1:A11

    Zoraida gives Eliseo the gun her stepfather used to kill the prosecutor in return for help saving Amanda. Joselito won't give in to Circe's blackmail.

  • Avsnitt 12
    Drama, S1:A12

    Isabel tells Diego she's in love with him; they spend the night together. Eliseo faces Augusto. Gavino learns Diego is back; he orders a manhunt.

  • Avsnitt 13
    Drama, S1:A13

    Amanda's rescue gets tricky. Corona appears to stop Isabel from taking her daughter. Diego confronts him; the three escape. Gavino gets bad news.

  • Avsnitt 14
    Drama, S1:A14

    Circe leaves Joselito at the altar and threatens Eliseo so he will take her to Diego. Isabel won't leave Diego. Corona files a kidnapping report.

  • Avsnitt 15
    Drama, S1:A15

    Circe frames Gavino. The feds arrest the Boss. Diego appears at his brother's house and thinks he's kidnapped.

  • Avsnitt 16
    Drama, S1:A16

    Diego confirms who killed Eliseo and swears revenge. Isabel looks for Diego at the funeral. Joselito orders Circe's murder.

  • Avsnitt 17
    Drama, S1:A17

    Gavino's men come to the funeral to kill Circe and Diego. Isabel is in love. Joselito finds Circe and ties her up. Gavino is beaten in prison.

  • Avsnitt 18
    Drama, S1:A18

    Diego tells Isabel he loves her and wants to start a family. Corona finds out who killed his mother. Joselito orders Deivid's mother killed.

  • Avsnitt 19
    Drama, S1:A19

    Fernanda is suicidal because of what has happened to her. Joselito wants to make Circe ask for forgiveness. Gavino is eager to get out of prison.

  • Avsnitt 20
    Drama, S1:A20

    After the cartel puts a price on their heads, Circe and Felipa go to Mexico City. Corona drops the charges. Diego wants to go to Babel with Isabel.

  • Avsnitt 21
    Drama, S1:A21

    The cartel doesn't have a bead on Circe or Diego and thinks they left together. Joselito orders Fernanda to be kidnapped. Jim makes Isabel an offer.

  • Avsnitt 22
    Drama, S1:A22

    Gavino is badly hurt in a prison attack. Joselito wants him dead so he can lead the cartel. Fernanda arrives at Diego's house. Jim seeks investors.

  • Avsnitt 23
    Drama, S1:A23

    With Augusto's money and Brandon's aid, Circe will wipe out the Gaonas to form the world's strongest cartel. Isabel learns who Marlene's boyfriend is.

  • Avsnitt 24
    Drama, S1:A24

    Circe seizes the Gaonas' business. Corona finds his son. Piochas plans to rescue Gavino. Isabel learns what Augusto is doing.

  • Avsnitt 25
    Drama, S1:A25

    Isabel tells Diego that Porfirio is closing in. Diego will do anything to protect his family. The Colombians make other deals, but Joselito finds out.

  • Avsnitt 26
    Drama, S1:A26

    Circe learns Diego is with another woman and swears to have no mercy. Corona comes to Isabel's house. Piochas looks to get Gavino out of the hospital.

  • Avsnitt 27
    Drama, S1:A27

    The new dancer at Babel catches Circe's eye; she asks to meet her, not knowing she's with Diego. Corona reveals Diego and Fernanda's location.

  • Avsnitt 28
    Drama, S1:A28

    Diego decides to go because the cartel may return for him. Joselito gets Isabel's photo. Circe successfully moves drugs. Gavino knows he was betrayed.

  • Avsnitt 29
    Drama, S1:A29

    Joselito confirms Camila is with Diego and has her take him to the table. Corona and Diego fight over Isabel. Circe agrees to meet the Gaonas.

  • Avsnitt 30
    Drama, S1:A30

    Joselito continues toying with Camila. She thinks it's under control and he doesn't recognize her. Augusto realizes who killed Eliseo.

  • Avsnitt 31
    Drama, S1:A31

    Joselito meets Hot Mama and learns that she is Circe. They threaten each other's lives over the drug trade. The dancers are at risk.

  • Avsnitt 32
    Drama, S1:A32

    Joselito goes crazy when he finds out that the waitresses escaped. Diego learns the truth about Babel. The warden orders Gavino back to his cell.

  • Avsnitt 33
    Drama, S1:A33

    Isabel asks for Diego's forgiveness. Upset, he asks for space to decide if they should stay together. Circe visits Gavino in prison; he attacks her.

  • Avsnitt 34
    Drama, S1:A34

    Hot Mama has one day to move the goods and wants Diego as a guide. Joselito can give her the location. Diego contacts the real Emiliano's aunt.

  • Avsnitt 35
    Drama, S1:A35

    With the information Joselito gives her, Circe figures out who robbed her man. Joselito visits Gavino in prison. Corona's condition worsens.

  • Avsnitt 36
    Drama, S1:A36

    After Circe's visit, Diego tells Isabel the truth about his past. They promise to start over. Marlene begins to suspect Augusto.

  • Avsnitt 37
    Drama, S1:A37

    The Colombians want to see their goods arrive. If Circe can't hold up her end, they'll get back at her and Diego. The Gaonas have Brandon and Augusto.

  • Avsnitt 38
    Drama, S1:A38

    Joselito intercepts the truckload of drugs. Fernanda finds out who her husband's lover is. Isabel wants to help her children's father.

  • Avsnitt 39
    Drama, S1:A39

    Joselito seeks revenge on Diego. Hot Mama seduces Diego. Corona goes to the hospital. Joselito interrogates Augusto and orders Felipa kidnapped.

  • Avsnitt 40
    Drama, S1:A40

    The Gaonas have Felipa. Circe and the girls arrive at Babel to rescue her. Diego accepts the Colombians' offer. Fernanda confronts Augusto.

  • Avsnitt 41
    Drama, S1:A41

    To protect her kids, Isabel decides to leave her fake marriage. Circe has half the country after Joselito: she offers a million dollars for his head.

  • Avsnitt 42
    Drama, S1:A42

    Circe learns that Diego is a free man and seeks to win back the love of her life. Gavino starts doing business in jail. Deivid advises Chucho.

  • Avsnitt 43
    Drama, S1:A43

    Joselito can't stand Diego working with Circe and sends his men out to get him. Corona wants to get back his family and his wife's love.

  • Avsnitt 44
    Drama, S1:A44

    Piochas and Mateo prepare an ambush to get rid of Joselito and obtain the reward. Isabel doesn't want to see Diego again. Circe casts a love spell.

  • Avsnitt 45
    Drama, S1:A45

    Corona's health deteriorates. Isabel is ready to do anything to save her children's father. Diego and Circe take territory from Joselito.

  • Avsnitt 46
    Drama, S1:A46

    The Gaonas attack Hot Mama's warehouse, and Joselito does everything he can to get her. Circe tries to escape but is shot. Fernanda divorces Augusto.

  • Avsnitt 47
    Drama, S1:A47

    Diego rescues Circe and takes her to his house to heal her wounds. Hot Mama reminds him that he's hers. Isabel decides to give herself a chance.

  • Avsnitt 48
    Drama, S1:A48

    After the real Emiliano's aunt visits, Isabel looks for Diego. When she finds him, she gets the surprise of her life. Circe frames Augusto.

  • Avsnitt 49
    Drama, S1:A49

    Hot Mama wants to multitask: if Joselito and Augusto will come to her, she can kill them both. Marlene can't believe her fiance is a killer.

  • Avsnitt 50
    Drama, S1:A50

    Circe enjoys seeing Joselito and Augusto tied up and decides to take what's owed her. Mateo wants to start a new business. Marlene confronts Diego.

  • Avsnitt 51
    Drama, S1:A51

    Isabel's need is growing. She is looking for work and tells Paloma one of her biggest secrets. Diego feels betrayed by his loved ones.

  • Avsnitt 52
    Drama, S1:A52

    Desperate to see his stepfather, Diego gets Circe to take him to where Joselito and Augusto are; something unexpected happens. Gavino has a plan.

  • Avsnitt 53
    Drama, S1:A53

    Joselito has to change plans and find help to regain power. Circe, Diego, and the Colombians know where he is and corner him.

  • Avsnitt 54
    Drama, S1:A54

    Diego goes to the hospital to get rid of Augusto. Circe wants to kill the man she loves before he learns the truth. Marlene makes a wedding decision.

  • Avsnitt 55
    Drama, S1:A55

    Things get even worse for Isabel; Margot Guevara threatens to put her in prison. Circe has a hard time seeing Diego at his brother's grave.

  • Avsnitt 56
    Drama, S1:A56

    Circe must decide if she wants to do the same as Diego. He wants to make a change in his life. Isabel looks for Diego. Margot wants more evidence.

  • Avsnitt 57
    Drama, S1:A57

    Isabel can't leave the city. Diego wants to talk to Margot to tell her the truth. Augusto agrees to testify on Gavino's behalf.

  • Avsnitt 58
    Drama, S1:A58

    Margot is about to find proof of Isabel and Diego's charade. Circe makes them look for Emiliano's aunt. Isabel gets an opportunity to flee.

  • Avsnitt 59
    Drama, S1:A59

    To separate Diego and Isabel, Circe finds Emiliano's aunt to threaten her, but she loses control. Marlene confronts Augusto; Mateo blackmails Isabel.

  • Avsnitt 60
    Drama, S1:A60

    Diego knows that Circe is involved with the Guevaras' aunt's death. She learns Margot thwarted her plans to leave with him. Isabel wants the truth.

  • Avsnitt 61
    Drama, S1:A61

    Augusto attests to Gavino's innocence and says Joselito is the real cartel boss. Isabel feels like she's to blame. Circe and Diego plan to leave.

  • Avsnitt 62
    Drama, S1:A62

    Hot Mama's dream of leaving with Diego is interrupted when they get an ultimatum they must comply with. Diana and Gaby get into trouble.

  • Avsnitt 63
    Drama, S1:A63

    Hot Mama visits her father in prison. She confronts him and the Boss fires back, telling her Felipa's deepest secret. Gaby may be deported.

  • Avsnitt 64
    Drama, S1:A64

    Circe is furious with Felipa and wants to kill her. Diego shares his plan with Deivid. Corona and Mateo get out of surgery. Augusto attacks Marlene.

  • Avsnitt 65
    Drama, S1:A65

    Hot Mama plans to get out of the business, but Gavino is ready to bring her down. She doesn't know what she's up against. Diego plans his last move.

  • Avsnitt 66
    Drama, S1:A66

    At Gavino's trial, Augusto testifies on his behalf; Eliseo's memory becomes tainted. Isabel learns that Diego and Circe are leaving the country.

  • Avsnitt 67
    Drama, S1:A67

    The Boss makes his move and achieves his goals. He begins to take revenge by killing all his enemies and capturing Circe. Diego looks for Gavino.

  • Avsnitt 68
    Drama, S1:A68

    Circe begins to feel her father's wrath. The Boss does his best to leave her without allies or a way out; he talks to Ramona to learn her escape plan.

  • Avsnitt 69
    Drama, S1:A69

    The Boss and Diego are even. Each one has in his power someone important to the other and is sure that the other will do everything to find her.

  • Avsnitt 70
    Drama, S1:A70

    After getting some of his enemies together, Gavino proposes a truce to Diego. Circe tries to save her business. Joselito decides to return to Mexico.

  • Avsnitt 71
    Drama, S1:A71

    Desperate, Hot Mama thinks Diego can save her, not knowing that he's waiting for the moment to attack. Marlene talks about her feelings for Jim.

  • Avsnitt 72
    Drama, S1:A72

    Gavino sows discord between Circe and Diego. Augusto tries to take advantage of Marlene's sister. Gaby wants to go to the U.S., far from Deivid.

  • Avsnitt 73
    Drama, S1:A73

    After buttering up Circe, Diego makes an offer. She says they will get the goods back soon. The Colombians are uneasy about Joselito's return.

  • Avsnitt 74
    Drama, S1:A74

    Thinking she knows what Diego is up to, Circe calls him, but he decides not to talk to her. Porfirio learns that the feds are looking for his father.

  • Avsnitt 75
    Drama, S1:A75

    Isabel goes to Alamos with Diego, but is followed by security cameras there. Circe confronts her father.

  • Avsnitt 76
    Drama, S1:A76

    Gavino swears Circe is out of the business; he visits the Colombians to get more power, but all is not as it seems. Isabel and Diego work as a team.

  • Avsnitt 77
    Drama, S1:A77

    Although Diego wants to keep Isabel out of his plans, she won't leave his side. Gavino wants Circe out of the drug trade. Joselito is about to attack.

  • Avsnitt 78
    Drama, S1:A78

    Joselito plans to take out Gavino at Babel. When he's about to kill the Boss, something happens to change his plans. Porfirio and Paloma are together.

  • Avsnitt 79
    Drama, S1:A79

    Circe still thinks she has control of Diego, but she misses something. The feds get Joselito; Gavino wants his head. Mateo wants to show his loyalty.

  • Avsnitt 80
    Drama, S1:A80

    As the feds are moving Joselito, they are caught in an ambush. Mateo shows he is loyal to Gavino. Diego is close to his goal, but Circe is suspicious.

  • Avsnitt 81
    Drama, S1:A81

    Gavino wants to settle scores with Joselito. Nuria endures a traumatic episode. Circe begins to investigate Diego. Jim sets fire to Babel.

  • Avsnitt 82
    Drama, S1:A82

    Gavino finds Circe and leaves her a chilling message. Diego asks for immunity for Isabel and himself. Porfirio threatens to take Isabel's children.

  • Avsnitt 83
    Drama, S1:A83

    Diego plans to capture Circe, who faces her worst nightmare. Agent Williams finds Isabel's house. Gavino wants to ally with Alex Mendez.

  • Avsnitt 84
    Drama, S1:A84

    Diego wants to avenge his brother's death, but Hot Mama has a different plan. Williams has the proof he needs to arrest Isabel and Diego.

  • Avsnitt 85
    Drama, S1:A85

    After an attempt at capture fails, Diego and Circe come clean. Gavino's ruse is exposed. Isabel agrees to be separated from her children.

  • Avsnitt 86
    Drama, S1:A86

    There's only one way for Diego to protect Isabel and the children. Fernanda's restaurant is attacked. Circe has a new ally. Amanda disappears.

  • Avsnitt 87
    Drama, S1:A87

    After Gavino's attack, Diego decides to take justice into his own hands. Mateo goes behind Gavino's back. Isabel threatens her father-in-law.

  • Avsnitt 88
    Drama, S1:A88

    Isabel's worst nightmare becomes reality and there's no way out. Marlene finds Jim. Circe accepts Mateo's offer. Nuria confesses to her addiction.

  • Avsnitt 89
    Drama, S1:A89

    The leader of the Gaonas falls into Mateo's trap. Circe seeks revenge. Isabel and Diego receive an offer. Salas turns himself in to the authorities.

  • Avsnitt 90
    Drama, S1:A90

    The war between father and daughter ends. Isabel is on the verge of death; Diego and Porfirio work together to save her. Salas says he's to blame.

  • Avsnitt 91
    Drama, S1:A91

    Isabel and Diego are ready to be a family, but an enemy is lurking. Circe tries to escape. Paloma loses a loved one. Fernanda says goodbye to Salas.