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Florries drakar
Florrie's Dragons

2010 • Animerat, Äventyr • Storbritannien • Sydafrika

Sagor om en smart prinsessa och hennes sex fjälliga vänner.

Säsonger och avsnitt

Säsong 1
  • Säsong 1
  • Avsnitt 1
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A1

    Paprika the cook asks Princess Florrie to do the washing up; she refuses at first, preferring to play with the bubbles, but Dear Dragon soon shows her that washing up can be fun.

  • Avsnitt 2
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A2

    Splish-Splash announces she's going to perform a water ballet, but there's a problem - the lake has accidentally been emptied; Florrie and the other dragons come to the rescue.

  • Avsnitt 3
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A3

    Rattle the Knight feels left out because he doesn't have a special dragon; the dragons put on a show so he can choose his favorite, but he decides they are all special.

  • Avsnitt 4
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A4

    Zoom Zoom and Dear Dragon decide to have a drawing competition to see who can make the best drawing in the sky.

  • Avsnitt 5
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A5

    When Toot-Toot and Rattle enter the maze to find Florrie's bubble mix, they get lost and it's up to Florrie and Dear Dragon, with the help of Zoom-Zoom, to rescue them.

  • Avsnitt 6
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A6

    Florrie and Dear Dragon are excited, as it's the day of the Grand Picnic; they offer to do the cooking with unfortunate results.

  • Avsnitt 7
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A7

    When Ferdinand creates one of his wonderful topiary designs, Florrie, Dear Dragon and friends have to work out what his design represents.

  • Avsnitt 8
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A8

    Dear Dragon is grumpy because he couldn't sleep; Florrie tickles him and he blows tickley bubbles, which they use on anyone who needs cheering up.

  • Avsnitt 9
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A9

    Florrie plays roller tag with Pom 1 and Pom 2; when Pom 1 crashes into Rattle and Dear Dragon's block castle, she's scared to skate again until the others encourage her.

  • Avsnitt 10
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A10

    Tales of a smart princess and her six scaly friends.

  • Avsnitt 11
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A11

    Florrie and Dear Dragon decide to play dress-up with bubbles; Florrie gets caught up in playing queen with her bubble cape and dress and starts being so bossy and snooty that no one wants to play with her.

  • Avsnitt 12
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A12

    Florrie and the kids are playing hide and seek.

  • Avsnitt 13
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A13

    Tales of a smart princess and her six scaly friends.

  • Avsnitt 14
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A14

    Tales of a smart princess and her six scaly friends.

  • Avsnitt 15
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A15

    Tales of a smart princess and her six scaly friends.

  • Avsnitt 16
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A16

    Paprika grows a soupmelon. Just as it's ripe, Dear Dragon Florrie accidentally breaks it. Both accept responsibility and find out Paprika was going to cut it up anyway, to make soup.

  • Avsnitt 17
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A17

    Toot-Toot is trying out his new musical instrument and makes Dear Dragon jump and swallow a bubble, which gives him hiccups.

  • Avsnitt 18
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A18

    Paprika keeps Toot-Toot in the kitchen until he's feeling better. She knows Dragon Droop Soup is the cure, but Toot-Toot hates being kept inside and looks round for music.

  • Avsnitt 19
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A19

    Florrie is delighted that Toot-Toot is going to teach her to play a musical instrument. Rattle plays drums and Dear Dragon is a harpist, but Florrie is a terrible trumpet player.

  • Avsnitt 20
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A20

    Ferdinand has been cleaning the castle and is not pleased when Dear Dragon treks his muddy feet over the clean floor. Florrie must persuade Dear Dragon to have a bath.

  • Avsnitt 21
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A21

    Florrie and Dear Dragon turn detective to find who's been stealing the cherries from the tree. Nothing works and soon there are only two cherries - who can the thief be?

  • Avsnitt 22
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A22

    Ferdinand decides that Rattle's squeaks are too loud, so he gets out an oil can and Florrie oils him; but now Rattle can't make himself heard until Casimir comes up with the reason why.

  • Avsnitt 23
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A23

    Ferdinand finds a pile of cloth and turns it into a hot air balloon; he says that Florrie's too young for a ride, which makes her upset, but she may get a ride after all for being truthful.

  • Avsnitt 24
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A24

    Florrie and Dear Dragon follow Casimir on a magical journey on Splish-Splash's lake and see wonderful creatures and new landmarks, including flying fish and a raspberry jam volcano.

  • Avsnitt 25
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A25

    Florrie wants a pet but knows they are a lot of work; Florrie helps Casimir pick purple leaves and when a snoozle stows away in her bag, she wants to keep it.

  • Avsnitt 26
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A26

    Florrie brings mud into the ballroom to make it easier for Splish-Splash to play bowls with her; Ferdinand's not happy when he sees the state of his ballroom.

  • Avsnitt 27
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A27

    Dear Dragon wakes up with a cold and a croaky voice; Florrie asks Casimir to help with a spell, but Casimir confuses the situation and turns Dear Dragon into a frog.

  • Avsnitt 28
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A28

    Ferdinand is handing out tasks when he falls over, bangs his head and loses his memory; Casimir knows that showing him something familiar might help, and must decide what to choose.

  • Avsnitt 29
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A29

    Florrie receives a present, but inside there is only a piece of paper with a rhyme on it, which signals the start of a treasure hunt, eventually leading to the ballroom.

  • Avsnitt 30
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A30

    The Poms start a club, but when they won't let Florrie and Dear Dragon join, the two resolve to start their own club; when Zoom-Zoom is asked to join the Pom Pom Club, everyone wonders which club will triumph.

  • Avsnitt 31
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A31

    Florrie wants to go flying with Zoom Zoom, so she doesn't fulfil her job of picking the lockweeds; while she is flying, the lockweeds cover the castle and trap everyone.

  • Avsnitt 32
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A32

    Florrie offers to cut Casimir's beard; Casimir falls asleep to the sounds of Toot-Toot's music; Florrie also gets sleepy and cuts off too much hair.

  • Avsnitt 33
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A33

    Florrie wants to go flying with Zoom Zoom, but Paprika won't let her go because she has a cough; Dear Dragon hops into bed and pretends to be Florrie hoping that Paprika won't notice.

  • Avsnitt 34
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A34

    Dear Dragon decides he'd like a dragon hill but he cannot find a suitable hill that he approves of.

  • Avsnitt 35
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A35

    Florrie and Dear Dragon are running Zoom Zoom's control room whilst he is away flying, but when Florrie leaves Dear Dragon alone problems occur.

  • Avsnitt 36
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A36

    Casimir has a "Thingamajiggy Box" full of wonderful surprises and Florrie can't resist sneaking a look; Florrie needs get the items back in the box before Casimir returns.

  • Avsnitt 37
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A37

    Every seven years, the fireflies are enchanted by the songs of the singing daisie; Toot Toot wants them to sing a different song, one he wrote, but the fireflies don't like it.

  • Avsnitt 38
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A38

    Dear Dragon's trumpet bubbles drift into the Snoozlewood and wake up the Snoozles; Toot Toot comes to the rescue with a lullaby.

  • Avsnitt 39
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A39

    Florrie finds a huge egg-shaped stone which she thinks is a dragon egg; Florrie realizes the stone is actually a seed.

  • Avsnitt 40
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A40

    Florrie's fed up with rain, so Casimir makes a sunbrella - a web of sunshine to keep her dry; Florrie gets hold of his spell book and banishes all the clouds, which causes trouble.

  • Avsnitt 41
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A41

    The Poms teach Rattle a new dance for the Grand Ball; Florrie and Dear Dragon also want to learn, but Dear Dragon can't get the steps right and Florrie devises a plan to help.

  • Avsnitt 42
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A42

    Florrie wants to fly; she looks in Casimir's book for a spell, but can only find one that helps her float; soon everything is floating, but Florrie doesn't know how to make it stop.

  • Avsnitt 43
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A43

    Dear Dragon has eaten all the cherry jam, so the gang sets off in search of a raspberry jam volcano Casimir once saw; once there, it's discovered that the jam has hardened.

  • Avsnitt 44
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A44

    Florrie decides she wants to be a hero and tries to help people, but no one seems to want Super Florrie's assistance; it's only later that she realizes how much help she's been.

  • Avsnitt 45
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A45

    When dressing up, Florrie borrows Splish-Splash's favorite necklace, but disaster strikes and it breaks; the pearls scatter and something goes wrong, and now it's a bubble necklace.

  • Avsnitt 46
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A46

    Ferdinand is trying to paint Florrie's portrait, but she won't sit still because she'd rather play with bubbles; Ferdinand is about to give up trying, then he has a clever idea.

  • Avsnitt 47
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A47

    Pom and Pom are playing discos, but Dear Dragon can't dance; Florrie tries to help but it seems hopeless until they need a finale, and Dear Dragon comes to the rescue.

  • Avsnitt 48
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A48

    Florrie and friends are having a silly sports day; Zoom Zoom expects to win everything and when he doesn't, he sulks and makes it rain.

  • Avsnitt 49
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A49

    Toot Toot tunes his magical instruments every year, but this year Harpsicouch escapes and rushes around the castle and grounds, causing chaos.

  • Avsnitt 50
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A50

    Florrie thinks the grown-ups are tired and need a day off, so she and the Dragons will do everything; soon she and the Dragons are very busy.

  • Avsnitt 51
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A51

    Florrie and Dear Dragon meet Paprika juggling, Casimir practicing his magic and Zoom Zoom falling along the washing line; they then decide to put on the Castle Circus.

  • Avsnitt 52
    Animerat, Äventyr, S1:A52

    It is usually a magical event with sparkling trees and gift socks, but this year the Winter Ball may be a disaster; Florrie tries to make everybody feel better.