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Hot Listings Miami

Hot Listings Miami
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Dokumentär/Reality 2013

Katrina Campins was fired when she was a contestant on the first season of "The Apprentice," but she's the one doing the firing now -- as owner of Campins Co., a luxury real estate agency in Miami. Along with business partner and ex-husband Ben Moss, Katrina leads a team of agents -- including sister Camille and protege Sunita -- that sells some of the city's most exclusive and luxurious properties. In charge of marketing for the agency is Katrina's mother, Sophia, which increases the amount of stress in the workplace. Outside of the office, Katrina's personal life is at a crossroads. While she has been building her empire, her friends have been getting married and starting families. Katrina must decide if she can find the perfect balance between her personal and professional lives or if her search for a meaningful relationship will continue to take a back seat to her quest for real estate dominance.

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