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Djur, Dokumentär


8.1IMDb2018 • USA

Sex personliga berättelser om de starka och bestående känsloband som uppstår mellan hundar och deras ägare, oavsett vilken situation de befinner sig i.
Från kritikerna
    •'s impossible not to come away feeling a little bit better about humanity.

    • the end, it’s the people’s stories that resonate the most [...]. Dogs are easy to love, and through their example, we can relearn to love our fellow man.

    • This beautifully shot series is more than a squeal-worthy collection of cute dog footage -- it's a clever, surprisingly deep examination of the human condition that makes for wonderful family viewing.

    • It is, by far, the best version of the series we possibly could have gotten. And, the various stories do open us up to the lives of multiple human beings with interesting stories to tell...

    • A must-see masterpiece about our canine companions and us.

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