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Historiskt drama, Krig

Red Tails

5.9IMDb2012 • USA • 125 min

En grupp svarta piloter under andra världskriget bekämpar rasismen på hemmaplan samtidigt som de kallas in för att kriga mot nazisterna.
Från kritikerna
    • ...pitches a band of plucky rebels in inferior vehicles against a dastardly empire and packs it with all the patented Lucas trademarks — a love of speed and action, moral certainty, cloth-eared dialogue, easy-to-grasp characters...

    • George Lucas oversees a rip-roaring, flag-waving, barnstorming comic-book adventure that’s as silly as it is fun.

    • Red Tails is entertaining. Audiences are likely to enjoy it. The scenes of aerial combat are skillfully done and exciting.

    • While action-adventure films are often remembered for their extensive stunts and visual effects, they rarely showcase the emotional stories of real-life heroes. That all changes though with the new movie Red Tails...

    • ...the movie focuses on the relationship between two of the young pilots, the impulsive ace, Lightning (David Oyelowo) and the more pragmatic, straight-arrow, but still troubled Easy (Nate Parker). är en del av Schibsted som ansvarar för hanteringen av din data på den här webplatsen
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