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Soy Luna



Rullskridskofantasten Luna flyttar till ett nytt land och är fast besluten att göra det bästa av en svår situation - med nya vänner och en annan typ av skridskoåkning.
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Säsonger och avsnitt

Säsong 3
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  • Säsong 2
  • Säsong 3
Säsong 3
  • Avsnitt 1 - El regreso, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A1

    Luna and the gang come back from Cancún. Alfredo reminds Luna that she is the heiress to the Benson fortune. Alfredo throws a big party. Ámbar arrives on her own to the mansion, she now has embraced the goth look. Simón and Ámbar are drawn to each other. Matteo wants to return the ring but Simón ...

  • Avsnitt 2 - Una fiesta en la mansión, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A2

    At the mansion party, Luna doesn't want to tell Matteo that she lost the ring. Simón dances with Ámbar. Emilia's presence troubles the gang. Alfredo gives a speech and Ámbar interrupts him and questions the assertion that Luna is Sol Benson. Simón talks to Ámbar. Alfredo acknowledges that he must...

  • Avsnitt 3 - Los Red Sharks, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A3

    Simón tells Luna that he has many things on his mind. Juliana accepts Gary's proposal of making her the coach of the Red Sharks and the Rollers, too. Nina doesn't know what to write and Gastón suggests she writes about what is currently happening at the Roller. Matteo can't stop thinking about Lu...

  • Avsnitt 4 - Una propuesta de Gary, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A4

    Luna doesn't accept Gary's proposition, so he gets his revenge by leaving the kids out of the ice rink. Ramiro attacks her, but Matteo defends her. Gastón persuades Matteo to talk to Luna. Rey apologizes to Mónica, Miguel and Alfredo, and asks them to let him return to work for them. Jazmín makes...

  • Avsnitt 5 - Un patinador misterioso, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A5

    Matteo is happy to see Luna with the ring. Ámbar is excited about the encounter with Benicio, he tells her that he learned how to skate and she tells him that Gary is doing an audition, and so, Benicio stays with the Red Sharks. Alfredo is looking for souvenir boxes in Sharon's room. Ámbar can't ...

  • Avsnitt 6 - Una traición, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A6

    Luna rejects Matteo. Nobody believes neither that Ramiro is the masked skater nor that he wants to join the Red Sharks. Ramiro explains that it would be a great opportunity. Alfredo unknowingly pulls out the photo that Luna saw in her dreams. Matteo talks to Gastón and tells him that it hurts him...

  • Avsnitt 7 - ¿Matteo se va del Roller?, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A7

    Everyone is surprised at Matteo's decision. He lies to Luna and says this has got nothing to do with her. Ramiro joins the Red Sharks. Yam breaks up with him. Ámbar asks Simón to skate with her and they do it very well. Alfredo tells Luna that Sharon was in love with Bernie. Ámbar and Rey threate...

  • Avsnitt 8 - El regreso de Sharon, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A8

    The kids excitedly get ready for the Open Music. Luna trains with Simón, and gets increasingly closer to him. Simón affirms that he will also play with the Roller Band. Matteo watches them, hurt. Ámbar receives a secret call and Luna tries to find out more about her past. Matteo refuses to sing w...

  • Avsnitt 9 - Una habitación misteriosa, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A9

    Luna has a very strange dream in connection with Sharon's room. The gang gets ready for the first Open Music of the year. The kids from the Roller Band ask Matteo to sing with them and he accepts. Nina finds out that she has a secret admirer. Luna fights against her confusion and her feelings for...

  • Avsnitt 10 - Una confusión de sentimientos, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A10

    Gary manages to prevent Ana from discovering his identity. Jim and Yam disapprove of what Delfi did. Nina asks Luna if she has spoken with Simón but she just gives her an excuse. The Red Sharks train in couples. Ana and Nina organize a goodbye dinner for Mora. Simón and Luna rehearse their song a...

  • Avsnitt 11 - El fin de Gastina, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A11

    Luna is hurt by Simón's confession. Jazmín uploads her jingle in her channel and the video becomes viral. Sharon herself as an ally, but she refuses. Alfredo leaves Rey in charge of the investments. Ana is still attracted to Gary without knowing his real name. Ámbar and Simón skate very close to ...

  • Avsnitt 12 - Un espía, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A12

    Juliana is excited about helping the Roller kids. Ámbar tells Benicio that she'll get Simón to tell her what the guys are thinking about doing. Luna suggests Nina to record a video and Nina accepts. As her explanations don't convince him, Rey becomes suspicious of Maggie. The guys invite Matteo t...

  • Avsnitt 13 - Un entrenamiento secreto, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A13

    Matteo helps Luna come up with an excuse for Simón. The Red Sharks tell Juliana that they need to train more. Mónica, Miguel and Alfredo ask Ana for legal advice. Ana accepts but asks for the full documentation. Rey hears the whole conversation and Maggie spies on Rey. Sharon has a plan. Juliana ...

  • Avsnitt 14 - Encerrados, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A14

    The kids rehearse at the ice rink and Ramiro records them with his phone. Alfredo sees Rey leaving Sharon's room with some paperwork, but Rey makes up an excuse. Luna has an intriguing dream. Gary makes up a lie to justify the fact that he is always at the Roller. Rey follows Maggie and discovers...

  • Avsnitt 15 - Un videoclip borrado, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A15

    Juliana warns the gang that if Luna and Matteo don't arrive soon, the shooting is canceled. Gary returns to the Roller but misinterprets the situation and prefers to leave. Rey confronts Sharon, looking for the truth. Jazmín gets confused about the video and forces the guys to edit it quickly. Ám...

  • Avsnitt 16 - Un vídeo revelador, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A16

    Luna is reluctant to let things happen between her and Matteo, but he won't give up. Ámbar tells Emilia about the kiss, Emilia is upset but does not show it. Rey makes a decision about Sharon and confronts Maggie. The kids are happy because the video is going viral. Simón realizes the extent to w...

  • Avsnitt 17 - Gary descubre la verdad, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A17

    Ámbar sends herself the video that Ramiro recorded. The kids confront Ramiro over what he did. Maggie finds out that Rey works for Sharon, they both make a radical decision. Jazmín's new video about Ámbar and Benicio caused quite a stir and Simón feels very hurt. Matteo realizes that Simón likes ...

  • Avsnitt 18 - El despido de Juliana, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A18

    Gary's decisions are very hard and worry everyone. Matteo proposes to do shows to raise funds, but they urgently need the rent money. Maggie and Rey make a plan and Sharon is very surprised. Gary tells the Red Sharks that he will be their coach, until they find someone new. Delfi has an idea that...

  • Avsnitt 19 - Un abrazo, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A19

    Emilia has a plan to make Matteo and Luna split up. Gary makes up an excuse to make Ana leave the Roller quickly. Maggie and Rey ask Sharon why she chose to establish an alliance with them. Sharon finally reveals her plan to get her revenge. Ámbar is sick of her grandfather's complaints and calls...

  • Avsnitt 20 - Un duelo, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A20

    Nina advises Luna to enter Sharon's room to spy on her. Rey and Maggie take photographs of paintings so that a painter makes forged copies. The guys accept Matteo's suggestion of moving in with them to the loft. Ámbar is furious with Sharon. Gary and Ana kiss for the first time. Meanwhile, Emilia...

  • Avsnitt 21 - Una falsa relación, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A21

    Emilia wants to show Luna a picture of herself kissing Matteo. Nina volunteers to help Eric lose his fear of singing in public. Delfi suggests that the girls upload the video of her band on social media. Gary organizes Red Shark Festival and tells the kids that there will be a new addition to the...

  • Avsnitt 22 - Invitadas especiales, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A22

    Luna insists that Rey and Ámbar tell her what they're hiding. Gary hires Juliana. Simón watches the video of the kiss between Ámbar and Benicio, then gets sad. Everyone is curious about Gary's new employee. Matteo asks Emilia to delete the kiss photo. Sofía Carson and Dove Cameron sing together a...

  • Avsnitt 23 - Los preparativos del Open Music, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A23

    Juliana accuses Gary of adding a clause in the contract. Delfi posts a video of Matteo playing guitar. Simón finds Ámbar crying. Ana offers to help Juliana stop Gary. The Open is taking place at the mansion. Luna tells Nina that Eric is in love with her, but Nina denies this and only thinks about...

  • Avsnitt 24 - Un cuadro, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A24

    Luna and Nina catch Rey and Maggie attempting to switch the painting at the mansion for a forgery. Maggie improvises and kisses Rey. Luna suggests throwing a pajama party to rehearse for the Open. Nico doesn't trust Ada, his new supervisor. Fans suggest that Matteo should sing a solo number at th...

  • Avsnitt 25 - Un Open Music en la mansión, sobre ruedas (Parte 1)
    Såpa, S3:A25

    Luna confesses that she is still in love with Matteo, but is afraid of talking to him. Ana asks fake Gary why he is wearing an earphone. Mónica will take care of the catering for the Open. Maggie locks Sharon's room and tells Rey that she told Sharon that they kissed. Luna and Matteo become very ...

  • Avsnitt 26 - Un Open Music en la mansión, sobre ruedas (Parte 2)
    Såpa, S3:A26

    Everyone is shocked at the photo of Matteo kissing Emilia. Luna leaves and Matteo doesn't get to explain. Luna is devastated. Simón has a fight with Matteo, Nico and Pedro manage to split them up. Ana is determined to destroy Gary. At the loft, Matteo tells the guys the truth about the photo with...

  • Avsnitt 27 - Un cuadro desaparecido, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A27

    Luna stares defiantly at Gary but he is nice and understanding, so they think he is up to something. The auction is moved to the next day and Rey and Maggie must steal the other painting. Matteo tells the guys that Luna doesn't want to hear from him. Luna's new priority is skating and she teaches...

  • Avsnitt 28 - Una subasta en la mansión, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A28

    Ana and Juliana talk about Gary and his lawyer. Luna gives Jazmín her tablet back. Sharon refuses to go to the Red Shark Festival with Ámbar. Nina receives a lot of messages from Eric. The auction starts and two forged paintings are sold. Matteo gets a call offering him an "Unplugged" show as a s...

  • Avsnitt 29 - Red Sharks Festival, sobre ruedas (Parte 1)
    Såpa, S3:A29

    Luna is heartbroken after hearing Jim's story. Matteo tries to explain, but Luna won't hear him. Emilia refuses to give Matteo the video. Luna persuades the girls to go to the Red Shark Festival together because they could make some connections. A prestigious Olympic figure skater is attending th...

  • Avsnitt 30 - Red Sharks Festival, sobre ruedas (Parte 2)
    Såpa, S3:A30

    Luna, her parents and her grandfather receive a letter from court and contact Ana, in search of advice. Matteo explains Ramiro the thing about the video and he helps him get it back. Matteo sends the video to Luna but she deletes it. Gary doesn't let the Roller kids enter the Red Sharks Festival,...

  • Avsnitt 31 - El accidente de Matteo, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A31

    Luna is worried about Matteo, who can't recognize her. Ada confirms to Ana the true identity of Gary López. Ana promises Juliana that she will help her destroy him. Ámbar, Benicio, Emilia and Ramiro are worried about Gary's warning after the flop of the Red Sharks Festival. Miguel finds the cell ...

  • Avsnitt 32 - Un arresto, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A32

    Luna is worried sick as she watches the police take Mónica, Miguel and Alfredo away. Luna is surprised to see Sharon in a car, but Sharon leaves quickly. Gary tries to work things out with Ana but she won't accept that. Matteo is being discharged from hospital. Simón goes to the mansion and Luna ...

  • Avsnitt 33 - Amnesia, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A33

    Luna and her family wonder who forged the paintings. Rey and Ámbar nervously listen to the conversation. Juliana is happy to be fired. Matteo forgets the lyrics of one of his songs. Ámbar argues with Sharon because she sent her grandfather to prison. Luna tells Nina that she decided to enter Shar...

  • Avsnitt 34 - ¿Adiós Red Sharks?, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A34

    Luna finds a picture of Bernie in Sharon's room. The Red Sharks are very surprised at Gary's decision. Matteo refuses to rejoin the band. Mónica talks to Ámbar and tells her that she will always count on them. Ada resolves that she and Nico should go together to New York. Ámbar, Benicio, Ramiro a...

  • Avsnitt 35 - Una propuesta complicada, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A35

    The kids are shocked by Gary's proposal. Now, Ámbar and Benicio are together and they'll do anything to get what they want. Sharon tells Rey that they can sacrifice Maggie. Nina tells Ana that she will write again about Gary López. Ana, the Valentes and Alfredo think that Sharon is behind the sit...

  • Avsnitt 36 - Una nueva casa para la Roller Band, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A36

    Luna is worried after discovering that Alfredo is in huge debt with a casino. The guys don't know what to do after Gary kicked them out of the loft. Rey tells Sharon that Luna discovered the documents he left. Matteo, Simón, Nico and Pedro show up at the mansion and ask to stay for a few days. Ga...

  • Avsnitt 37 - Bienvenido Michel, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A37

    Luna had thought that Michel, the exchange student, was a girl. Pedro and Simón are shocked at the news of Nico's departure. Ana explains to Nina what happened with Gary López. Ramiro feels that his dreams are over, but Eric cheers him up. Michel looks a lot like Luna. Alfredo admits that the doc...

  • Avsnitt 38 - Un sospechoso, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A38

    Luna and her friends are sad about Nico's departure, but Luna cheers everyone up. The party goes on and Michel dances with Luna. Alfredo nearly catches Sharon with Rey but Maggie manages to distract him. Luna has a dream of Sharon's room. The next day, Luna enters Sharon's room and finds a secret...

  • Avsnitt 39 - Una nueva responsable del Roller, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A39

    Everyone at the Roller is shocked to see that Ámbar is the new manager of the place. Rey tries to make the Valentes and Alfredo be suspicious of each other. Rey gives Sharon the latest updates. Matteo is jealous at the fact that Michel and Luna have an intimate conversation. Ámbar announces that ...

  • Avsnitt 40 - Un Flash-Open Music, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A40

    Luna talks to Matteo and encourages him to keep singing but he no longer wants to talk. Simón persuades Ámbar to talk to Luna and tell her about the change in the Felipe number. Emilia starts telling off the girls for practicing a choreography, but Ámbar stops her. Matteo and Pedro talk about Lun...

  • Avsnitt 41 - ¿Un nuevo amor?, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A41

    Luna and Michel are getting close, but then Jazmín arrives and asks them if they'll become an item. Ramiro is happy to have shared the stage with his friends. Ámbar starts having problems at work. Simón confronts Benicio over the phone number and he gets angry because Ámbar didn't tell him anythi...

  • Avsnitt 42 - Un falso numero de teléfono, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A42

    Luna is mad at Simón for hiding the fact they'd switched Felipe Mendevilla's number. Rey plans to distract Alfredo and calls Maggie. Matteo thinks that Luna is no longer interested in him and tells her that she should be with someone who makes her happy. Luna contacts Felipe and he presents them ...

  • Avsnitt 43 - Una falsa identidad, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A43

    Matteo accepts Luna's help to start singing again. Matteo is jealous when Luna sees Michel and shares a few laughs with him. Benicio challenges Simón because he thinks he wants to woo Ámbar. Mónica tells Ámbar that Sharon changed her name and is responsible for the paintings fiasco. Luna suggests...

  • Avsnitt 44 - La nueva identidad de Sharon, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A44

    Emilia and Ámbar discuss with Ramiro after his request to rejoin the team, but he tells them he is tired of their lies. After kissing Eric, Nina tells him that she only sees him as a friend. Luna tells Mónica that she saw a redhead entering the mansion. Luna insists that she only regards Michel a...

  • Avsnitt 45 - ¿Matteo o Michel?, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A45

    Luna finds the chest's key, but a message from Nina prevents her from trying to open it. Rey sends a message to Sharon to warn her. Benicio bickers with Ámbar for chatting with Simón. Matteo appears to be nervous, but Luna encourages him to make the video. Luna tries to open the chest but Sharon ...

  • Avsnitt 46 - Amores confundidos, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A46

    Luna doesn't know what to tell Michel. Ámbar tells Simón that she broke up with Benicio. Juliana returns and accepts to be their coach again. Delfi finishes editing the video and Matteo is praised for his great work. Michel tells Luna that Matteo told him that he has no feelings for her. Ámbar an...

  • Avsnitt 47 - Un beso inesperado, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A47

    Matteo sees Michel kiss Luna. Michel apologizes but Luna leaves. Rey takes the chest key out of Maggie's wallet. Emma notices that Simón doesn't fancy her. Pedro acknowledges that Simón is still in love with Ámbar. Simón tells Ámbar that he misses his country and she comes up with an idea. Luna d...

  • Avsnitt 48 - La competencia se acerca, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A48

    Luna and Matteo celebrate that Matteo was contacted by a musical producer, they have a close connection. The girls will stay overnight at the mansion because of the costumes. Benicio and Emilia suggest to Ámbar to audition for a movie, but Ámbar refuses. Ámbar speaks with Sharon over the phone. L...

  • Avsnitt 49 - Una elección, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A49

    The gang has convinced Juliana. Maggie nearly tells Mónica the truth. Benicio tells Ámbar that he has to discuss with Vidia the issue of prohibiting the kids to use the ice rink. Juliana says that Luna and Matteo will do the couples dance. There is a video in remembrance of something that doesn't...

  • Avsnitt 50 - Una fiesta mexicana, sobre ruedas
    Såpa, S3:A50

    Matteo thinks that Michel gave Luna a bracelet. Pedro advises Matteo to fight for Luna. Alfredo asks Mónica to put up a Day of the Dead altar for Lili and Bernie. Sharon uses Rey's help to enter the mansion and open the chest but she can't do it because she has a fake key and nearly gets caught b...

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