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2020 • Drama, Mysterium

En CIA-agent granskar en karismatisk man som ger upphov till en ny andlig rörelse och politiska oroligheter. Vem är han exakt? Och vad vill han?


  • Assaad Bouab
    Assaad Bouab
  • Augie Duke
    Augie Duke
  • Barbara Eve Harris
    Barbara Eve Harris
  • Beau Bridges
    Beau Bridges

Säsonger och avsnitt

Säsong 1
  • Säsong 1
  • Avsnitt 1
    Drama, Mysterium, S1:A1

    Believing he miraculously delivered Damascus from ruin, a throng follows a man they call al-Masih into the desert, raising suspicions in the CIA.

  • Avsnitt 2
    Drama, Mysterium, S1:A2

    In Israel, tensions rise while CIA officer Eva seeks answers, and dramatic footage of al-Masih goes viral. In Texas, a desperate pastor forms a plan.

  • Avsnitt 3
    Drama, Mysterium, S1:A3

    Appearing inexplicably during a Texas tornado, al-Masih quietly moves pastor Felix to embrace a new purpose. But Eva -- and the FBI -- quickly close in.

  • Avsnitt 4
    Drama, Mysterium, S1:A4

    Coping with grief, Eva questions al-Masih, but his riveting charisma turns the tables. A deportation trial becomes a political lightning rod.

  • Avsnitt 5
    Drama, Mysterium, S1:A5

    While Eva keeps close watch on al-Masih, Felix wrestles with what to believe as his church becomes a magnet for the devout and the desperate.

  • Avsnitt 6
    Drama, Mysterium, S1:A6

    Jibril has a striking vision in the desert. Eva finally gets hard intel on al-Masih, whose devotees form a convoy to follow him out of Texas.

  • Avsnitt 7
    Drama, Mysterium, S1:A7

    News of a marvel electrifies the phenomenon around al-Masih, but Eva's skepticism deepens. Jibril's and Samer's paths diverge amid political unrest.

  • Avsnitt 8
    Drama, Mysterium, S1:A8

    Gaining the ear of the president, al-Masih issues a challenge and causes turmoil in the White House. But he soon faces probing questions himself.

  • Avsnitt 9
    Drama, Mysterium, S1:A9

    Eva unearths alarming details about al-Masih's past. Jibril's and Samer's paths unexpectedly collide. Rebecca steps up at a crucial moment.

  • Avsnitt 10
    Drama, Mysterium, S1:A10

    Eva scrambles to thwart a plan designed to silence al-Masih, while breaking news causes dismay among his followers.