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Airport Live

Airport Live

2013, Dokumentär

London's Heathrow Airport is one of the world's busiest, processing nearly 200,000 passengers a day. This four-part series shows viewers how the facility's operations work to make sure flights operate as close to on time as possible. Presenter Dan Snow is located at the heart of the airport's operation, its air traffic control tower, while Dallas Campbell and Anita Rani are in other parts of the airport to learn about the science, engineering and logistics that make air travel possible. `Airport Live' shows how everything comes together to run Heathrow, from the complex choreography of air traffic control to the weather that plays a crucial role in keeping the operation running smoothly.

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Säsong 1
  • Säsong 1
  • 01:00Avsnitt 1

    Dan Snow, Dallas Campbell and Anita Rani go airside at Heathrow, the world's busiest international hub airport. Dan is based at the heart of the airport, the air traffic control tower, giving an eagle's eye view of the complex choreography of landings, departures and ground movements. He finds ou...

  • 01:00Avsnitt 2

    Dan Snow is in the air traffic control tower, where controllers handle some 1,400 landings and departures every day. Dallas Campbell learns to hand-marshal a plane on the tarmac, and Anita Rani finds out how Heathrow trains deal with extreme weather. Plus, the programme follows, live, a shorthaul...

  • 01:00Avsnitt 3

    Dan Snow is at the heart of the airport in air traffic control, and the programme follows all the preparations that ready a long-haul flight for take-off. Dallas Campbell is in Heathrow's paint bay, finding out about the hundreds of markings that must be painstakingly painted on to every plane. P...

  • 01:00Avsnitt 4

    In the final episode, Dan Snow sees if he has got what it takes to be an air traffic controller and Anita Rani finds out how tomorrow's planes might offer a quieter future. Dallas Campbell, whose father used to fly 747s, is at the controls of a flight simulator to see if he can land an A380, the ...