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Animerat, Äventyr

Bitz & Bob


Bihn och Boo gillar att vara i sin träkoja och skapa olika världar till sina leksaker. Med lite fix och trix kan man bygga allt möjligt.

Säsonger och avsnitt

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Säsong 2
  • Avsnitt 1 - Bitz's Big Build
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A1

    Bitz promises to build a strong house for Little Bo Purl's goats and for the three little pigs, one that big bad Robo Wolf can't blow down. First they build the cutest little house out of straw, but Robo Wolf soon huffs and puffs and blows it away. Then they build a house out of sticks, but he bl...

  • Avsnitt 2 - Tower Top Princess Party
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A2

    Princess Purl and Princess Bitz have decided to create the best party ever for Sir Robo Bob and Sir Bevel. There's limbo dancing, a bow and arrow game, great music and lots of food; the problem is in the excitement they've forgotten to invite Sir Robo Bob and Sir Bevel. But when Purl goes round t...

  • Avsnitt 3 - Greatest Gig in Town
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A3

    With Bitz on drums, Bob on guitar and Bevel on vocals, The Booyahs are ready to perform. Things get even better when they discover that world famous pop star Purl Power is looking for a new band. All they need to do is impress her. Then disaster strikes: Bevel strains his throat and can only sing...

  • Avsnitt 4 - Merry Go Round
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A4

    There is an amazing seahorse merry-go-round on the beach, and everyone is having lots of fun going round and round, except Bevel. When he runs away from the ride, Bob finds him, only for Bevel to admit he's nervous about going in circles. Everyone joins in to help him overcome his fear and soon h...

  • Avsnitt 5 - Incredible Duck Trek
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A5

    Mummy duck is trying to lead her ducklings from their nest in Bitz's castle to the lake, but it's a long way, so Bitz and Bob help guide them there safely. On arriving, they realise they need to find somewhere for the ducks to sleep at night. Mummy duck is hard to please and doesn't want to sleep...

  • Avsnitt 6 - Cake Calamity
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A6

    Bitz has created a super strawberry, dreamy creamy, nicely icely, bake-a-licious cake that is so tasty Bob suggests she makes more so she can sell them to the whole world. They all start cake making in the jungle cafe, but with everyone trying to do the same job at the same time, the cakes end up...

  • Avsnitt 7 - Bitz's Beach Party
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A7

    Bob can't go to his friend Phoebe's party because she has measles. This puts a stop to his aim to try to beat his previous record of shooting four basketball hoops in a row. Bitz decides to throw the best beach party ever to make up for it. There are snacks, games, a dance floor and even a basket...

  • Avsnitt 8 - Snowy Sports Day
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A8

    Everyone is excited about competing in Snowy Sports Day. Competing are Bitz, Queen of Speed, Bevel the Blaze, Pacey Purl, Robo-Blast Bob, Pop the Snow Pro and Zip the One-Throw Wonder. Pacey Purl really wants to win to finally get her name on the champion's cup. But to know who's won, they need t...

  • Avsnitt 9 - Snowy Sneezy Goat Gala
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A9

    It's the Snowy Goat Gala on High Snowy Mountain and Little Bo Purl is meant to be performing her famous snowy yodelling - snowdelling - accompanied by her legendary bell-ringing show goats. But when the goats go down with goaty colds that make them all sneeze, Bitz and the gang must take over bel...

  • Avsnitt 10 - Bevel Genie's Home Sweet Home
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A10

    Bitz, Bob and Purl are on a treasure hunt in Big Hot Sandy Desert. Bob finds a dusty old lamp, and a quick polish reveals it's the home of Bevel Genie and his pets, Zup and Pup. Bevel Genie does the genie thing and grants them three wishes, but then announces it's time for them to go home. On hea...

  • Avsnitt 11 - Castle Bake Off
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A11

    It's the yum-tastic pizza bake-off, with Purl as the expert judge. Bob is preparing his special top-secret recipe in order to beat rival competitors Zip and Pop, who keep trying to peek at his pizza. Soon it's time for the pizzas to go into the Castle kitchen ovens. Once there, head of security B...

  • Avsnitt 12 - Amazing Owl Club
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A12

    Bitz and Purl have started the Amazing Owl Club, with its own rulebook, a members-only clubhouse and, best of all, a special badge with flapping owl wings. The badge allows entry to the clubhouse! Bob, Bevel, Zip and Pop manage to join the club by doing three amazingly owly things, but no one can...

  • Avsnitt 13 - Woolly Wonder Girl
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A13

    Police Chief Bevel has his hands full trying to stop rowdy rascals Zip and Pop on their noise-making spree in Craft City. Luckily, superheroes Woolly Wonder Girl, Zap Girl and Mega-Super-Robo-Bob are on hand to help. But when Bevel and the rowdy rascals end up careering out of control through the...

  • Avsnitt 14 - A Birthday Surprise
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A14

    Bitz, Bob, Bevel, Zip and Pop are making Purl a surprise birthday present, the best hairclip ever! They decide to make it from some of Purl's favourite things that they find in Tubely Jungle, but everyone collects so many things, including a smelly sock, that Bitz doesn't know where to start. And...

  • Avsnitt 15 - A-Maze-ing Adventure
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A15

    Bob is looking after Phoebe's cute little puppy called Earl, but when they take him for walkies he gets lost inside Bitz's amazing maze. First Bevel tries to guide them to Earl from the castle, but he can't see the whole maze as he's not high enough and there's a hot air balloon in the way. Bitz ...

  • Avsnitt 16 - The Frog Log Bridge
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A16

    During a game of Follow the Leader on Far Away Island, Bitz and Bob bump into Ranger Bevel, who is helping guide some frogs to water as it's `froggy dude migration day'. But when the frogs struggle to get across a big wide gully, Bitz finds a way to help them by building a strong bridge. However,...

  • Avsnitt 17 - Up, Up and Away
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A17

    It's the day of the kite festival and first up are Zip and Pop, who dazzle the crowd with their performance. Then Bitz and Bob take to the arena, but their kites don't even get off the ground. Finally it's Bevel and Purl's turn, but Bevel tries kite-flying with no hands and loses them. Things tak...

  • Avsnitt 18 - Mayor Bevel's Mega Wheel
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A18

    Bitz, Bob and Purl are building a giant Mega Wheel in Craft City for Mayor Bevel, and the local citizens are getting very excited. But Bitz has a problem: her tablet has gone missing, and all the instructions on how to finish the Mega Wheel are on it. So while Mayor Bevel tries to keep the impati...

  • Avsnitt 19 - The Every Place Chase Race
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A19

    Bitz, Bob and Purl are in a race across the whole wide world to win the trophiest trophy ever, and they are joined by a new team member, Roly, a roller-skating baby dinosaur.

  • Avsnitt 20 - Bitz and Bob's Toy Shop
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A20

    Bitz and Bob's junk stall sells out of everything, including Bob's robo-helmet! Bob is horrified. The gang try all sorts of substitute helmets: Bitz's craft box, a traffic cone, even a knitted helmet. When they try making a helmet out of a piece of cardboard, it isn't quite right. But Bob acciden...

  • Avsnitt 21 - Gripping Yarn
    Animerat, Äventyr, S2:A21

    Bob, or Big Bad Robo Wolf, showing just how bad he is, locks Ra-Purl-Zel in the castle tower. While Purl is busily knitting, Bitz and Sir Bevel try to engineer a way to rescue her. Sir Bevel tries first but ends up stuck inside the tower alongside Purl. Bitz now has to rescue them both by working...