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Auktion, Dokumentär

Pawn Stars

7.2 IMDb2009 • USA

Familjeägda Gold & Silver är en pantbutik strax utanför Las Vegas. Där finns Richard, Rick och Corey Harrison som utvärderar alla möjliga olika saker och sätter en prislapp på dem samtidigt som de tar redan på historien bakom objektet.

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Säsong 2010
  • Avsnitt 1 - Chumlee Goes AWOL
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A1

    The Pawn Stars have an opportunity to buy a super fast AYT Speedboat in need of some serious TLC. But first they'll have to strike up a deal and steer the restoration from plunging off into the deep. Then Corey meets a man interested in selling the first home audio system, an antique 1901 Edison ...

  • Avsnitt 2 - Wheels
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A2

    The Pawn Stars have a chance to buy an incredibly rare 1970s Indian mini-motorcycle. Will they purchase the little hog and restore it to its former glory, or will they all be taken for a long bumpy ride and find out it's a fake? Then Rick and the Old Man consider buying a ship's bell believed to ...

  • Avsnitt 3 - Shocking Chum
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A3

    The Pawn Stars are presented with one of the most expensive items that has ever come into the shop–sunken treasure from the Taj Mahal dynasty. Will they break the bank to plunder the prize, or will they let it sink back down to the deep? Then Rick has an opportunity to buy a 1948 portable electri...

  • Avsnitt 4 - Pezzed Off
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A4

    The Pawn Stars have a chance to buy an extremely rare 18th century double-barrel coaching gun engraved with a mysterious golden script. Can they discover its true origins and make a deal or will the inscription hide its secrets forever? Then Corey and Chum meet an outspoken Pez collector looking ...

  • Avsnitt 5 - Guns and Rangers
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A5

    The Pawn Stars have a chance to buy a key from the 16th or 17th century, but this key doesn't just open doors, it shoots bullets! Will they use this rare antique key-gun to unlock a deal–or shoot themselves in the foot? Then Corey and Chum meet a dumpster diver with a life-size Power Ranger. Will...

  • Avsnitt 6 - Tattoos and Tantrums
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A6

    The Pawn Stars have a chance to buy a saddle that may have been used by Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves. Will the gang pony-up and make the deal or will they let it ride off into the sunset? Then Rick looks to buy a late 1800s Winchester rifle that was one of first lever-action repeating rifl...

  • Avsnitt 7 - Pinball Wizards
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A7

    The Pawn Stars have an opportunity to buy a classic 1973 pinball machine in need of some serious repair. Will they rack up a high score and make the deal? Then Corey and Chum meet a guy interested in selling his personal transporter–better known as a Segway. Will Corey shell out a nice stack of c...

  • Avsnitt 8 - Chopper Gamble
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A8

    The Pawn Stars have an opportunity to buy something they've never bought before–a helicopter! Can Rick convince the Old Man to come along and spin up a deal? Then Rick has a chance to buy a 240-year-old lottery ticket signed by founding father George Washington. Is this the prize of a lifetime? L...

  • Avsnitt 9 - Spooning Paul Revere
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A9

    The Pawn Stars have a chance to buy a historic silver spoon made by a true American legend–Paul Revere. Can they make a deal and scoop it up, or will this piece of patriotic history ride off into the night? Then the Old Man is presented with a handmade cuckoo clock from the 1800's. Can he tick-ta...

  • Avsnitt 10 - Off the Wagon
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A10

    When Corey has a chance to buy an extremely rare Belgium-made 1942 Sarolea motorcycle, Rick has a big concern…making money. Will they pony up and make a deal or let one of the rarest bikes in America roll out the door? Then the Pawn Stars have a chance to buy a Civil War sword believed to have be...

  • Avsnitt 11 - Fortune in Flames
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A11

    Rick has a chance to buy a little piece of militaria he's never had before–a Flame Thrower. Can he turn up the heat and coax a deal or will this deal go up in flames? Corey and Chumlee head to an auction to bid on a classic gypsy fortune-teller machine. Can they foresee the future to place the wi...

  • Avsnitt 12 - Backroom Brawl
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A12

    The Pawn Stars are presented with a mysterious pocket-sized sundial believed to be from the 16th Century…complete with a concealed secret inside. Will the gang be able to shine a light on this puzzling piece of history, or will the seller darken their day by shooting for the moon? Rick and the Ol...

  • Avsnitt 13 - Big Guns
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A13

    The Pawn Stars are presented with the most explosive item to ever walk through the door–a pair of Soviet nuclear missile launch keys. Can the gang count down and launch the deal or will it blow up in their faces? Then Rick hopes to buy an extremely unique 1920s ukulele banjo made by the legendary...

  • Avsnitt 14 - Flight of the Chum
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A14

    The Pawn Stars have a chance to buy one of the quietest air crafts ever made–a vintage Schweizer glider. Will the gang soar into a good deal and restore this glider to its high flying status or will they take it too close to the sun and get burned? Then Corey meets a man selling an autographed je...

  • Avsnitt 15 - Bumpy Ride
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A15

    The Pawn Stars are presented with the opportunity to add one of the world's most recognizable trophies to their collection–a Grammy® Will the gang put up the cash to get the gold or will the deal hit a sour note and be taken off the charts? Then Corey and Chumlee hope to buy an incredibly rare mi...

  • Avsnitt 16 - Helmet Head
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A16

    The Pawn Stars have a chance to shoot and score with a 2006 NBA Championship Ring. Will the gang make the big score or will a surprise Shaq Attack throw the shop off its game? Then Rick considers buying a highly collectible 1964 Austin Healey. Can Rick put the pedal to the metal for this fast Bri...

  • Avsnitt 17 - Bow Legged
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A17

    The Pawn Stars are presented with one of most unique items to ever hobble its way into the shop–a pirate's peg leg. Will the gang gather up a sizable bounty for this rare piece of piracy lore, or will they be forced to walk the plank? Then Rick has a chance to buy a brand new, top of the line, ar...

  • Avsnitt 18 - Hell Week
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A18

    The Old Man has an opportunity to buy lost footage of legendary President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Can he muster the money for this 8mm piece of White House history or will this film end up on the cutting room floor? Then Rick considers buying a huge antique cast iron coffee grinder from the 18...

  • Avsnitt 19 - Zzzzzz
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A19

    Is the old man sleeping or just resting his eyes? Whatever it is, Rick orders quiet in the pawn shop, as they bargain over a colt revolver, coffee machine, presidential pins and a spinning wheel.

  • Avsnitt 20 - The British Are Coming
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A20

    The Pawn Stars are presented with a classic 1946 Seeburg Jukebox. Will the gang tune up their wallets and hit a high note of a deal, or will it become the day the music died? Then Rick and Corey meet a man hoping to sell a 1775 Massachusetts war bond but is there something special hidden in the e...

  • Avsnitt 21 - License to Pawn
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A21

    The Pawn Stars look to buy an 1862 Civil War postage stamp mysteriously encased in a coin shaped holder. Will they give this stamp the priority treatment, or will they see that it's "returned to sender?" Then Corey and Rick have a chance to rev up a deal for a 1980 10th Anniversary edition Datsun...

  • Avsnitt 22 - Trail Breaker
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A22

    The Pawn Stars look to buy an American off-roading motorcycle classic–a 1967 Rokon Trailbreaker–but will this deal get stuck in the mud? Then, Rick is hesitant when a man brings in a rare mint condition 1715 Escudo Spanish Gold Coin. Will it be a fool's fake or worth mucho dinero? And later, the ...

  • Avsnitt 23 - Top Secret
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A23

    The Pawn Stars look to purchase top-secret maps and battle plans for Iwo Jima. Will the gang storm the beach for this strategic piece of World War II history or will they be out-gunned and forced to retreat? Then the Old Man and Chumlee look to buy a 1967 Ford F-100 truck. Will they fire up all c...

  • Avsnitt 24 - Whale of a Time
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A24

    The Pawn Stars are presented with an engraved whale's tooth believed to be authentic 1800's scrimshaw. Can the gang make a whale of an offer or will it be a fluke? Then, the Old Man sets his sights on a pair of mysterious Civil War era rifles. Will he take aim and hit the mark or end up dodging a...

  • Avsnitt 25 - Gold Diggers
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A25

    The Pawn Stars have an opportunity to buy a huge gold bar believed to be from a 1500s shipwreck. Will the gang dig in and strike it rich or will they end up on a fool's errand? Then Rick has a chance to shoot for the moon with a celestial navigation dome from a World War II B29 bomber. Will his o...

  • Avsnitt 26 - Aw Shucks!
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A26

    The Pawn Stars meet a man hoping to sell a mysterious coin from the 1800's believed to be from George Washington's funeral. Will this piece be linked to one of our most revered Presidents or will it get stamped with a Presidential veto? Then the boys head out to the farm to see an early 1900s han...

  • Avsnitt 27 - Deals from Hell
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A27

    The Pawn Stars meet a man hoping to sell a several hundred-year old edition of one of the world's most hellish books–"Dante's Inferno." Will they pass through the gates of hell for this evil epic or will they be tricked by the devil? Then Rick is presented with an antique serpent shaped sword fro...

  • Avsnitt 28 - Chumlee's Dummies
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A28

    The sky is the limit for the Pawn Stars as they consider buying a 1939 Allied Forces World War II plane. Will the gang soar to new heights and make the deal or will it stall out and take a nose dive? Then the Old Man has a chance to buy a munitions receipt from the War of 1812, signed by future P...

  • Avsnitt 29 - Strike, Spare, Boom
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A29

    The Pawn Stars are blown away when they meet a guy selling his homemade mortar that fires a very unique brand of ammunition–bowling balls. Will the gang line up their aim and strike a deal or will a misfire send the deal into the gutter? Then Rick is handed an extremely rare World War II gas mask...

  • Avsnitt 30 - Message in a Bottle
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A30

    The Pawn Stars are presented with a mysterious whisky flask from the Civil War era believed to have come from a Confederate spy. Can they crack the code and make the deal or will this flask's secret compartment leave them all thirsting for answers? Then Chumlee and the Old Man meet a man hoping t...

  • Avsnitt 31 - Rough Riders
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A31

    The Pawn Stars have an opportunity to buy an 1875 Remington pistol so rare that only four are believed to exist in the World. Presented to a member of Theodore Roosevelt's legendary Rough Riders, will the gang pony up the cash for this exclusive antique or will they suddenly find themselves in ro...

  • Avsnitt 32 - Phoning It In
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A32

    The Pawn Stars have a chance to purchase a rare piece of American political history–a collection of personal letters from Kennedy brothers John, Bobby, and Teddy. Written during the height of the Camelot era, will the gang run a tough campaign to make a deal or will their election funds come up s...

  • Avsnitt 33 - Moon Walking
    Auktion, Dokumentär, S2010:A33

    The Pawn Stars are blasted into orbit when someone brings in a flag from one of NASA's final missions to the Moon. Autographed by the crew of Apollo 16, will the gang take one giant leap and buy this rare piece of history or will they take steps to abort the mission? Then, Rick is presented with ...


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