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Step Up Revolution

    Klipp: Business Plaza
    Klipp: Emily And Sean Practice In Dance Studio
    Klipp: Initiation Into The Mob
    Klipp: Newcast Montage
    Klipp: Ocean Drive
    Klipp: Office Mob
    Klipp: The Shipping Yard Finale
    Klipp: We Are The Mob
    Klipp: Beach Dance
    Bakom kulisserna: Flash Mob Music Video

98 min

Emily kommer till Miami med förhoppningarna om att bli en professionell dansare. Hon blir förälskad i Sean som är ledaren i en dansgrupp vars bostadsområde hotas av Emilys pappas byggplaner.
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Från kritikerna
  • Those dance sequences are Step Up Revolution’s major sticking point. No one goes to a dance movie for the plot, but the lower the expectations drop for the story, the higher they rise for the raison d’être performances.

  • They're good dancers, and well-choreographed. You can see the movie for that and be charitable about the moronic plot.

  • Something of a greatest-hits combo, Step Up Revolution mixes class-consciousness with streetwiseness, giddily busting a move in 3D...

  • In choreographed numbers that grow crazier and more extravagant as the film proceeds, breakdancers kick their legs out toward the camera and hold gravity-defying poses...

  • ...the young and nimble cast eventually powers through the obvious screenwriting with a combustible jolt of sweat, sand, energy, heart and suggestive choreography. är en del av Schibsted som ansvarar för hanteringen av din data på den här webplatsen
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