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Bible's Buried Secrets

Bible's Buried Secrets

2011, Dokumentär, Historia

How recent archaeological discoveries are changing the way people interpret stories from the Bible.

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  • Avsnitt 1 - Did King David's Empire Exist?
    Dokumentär, Historia

    Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou goes on the trail of the Biblical King David and his fabled empire. She visits key archaeological excavations where ground-breaking finds are being unearthed, and examines evidence for and against the Biblical account of King David. She explores the former land of the ...

  • Avsnitt 2 - Did God Have a Wife?
    Dokumentär, Historia

    Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou asks whether the ancient Israelites believed in one God as the Bible claims. She puts the Bible text under the microscope, examining what the original Hebrew said, and explores archaeological sites in Syria and the Sinai which are shedding new light on the beliefs of t...

  • Avsnitt 3 - The Real Garden of Eden
    Dokumentär, Historia

    Can we find the Garden of Eden? Bible scholar Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou thinks so. In the final episode, she argues that the Garden of Eden has nothing to do with the origins of humanity, but is rather a story concealing dramatic events about a particular figure in a particular place, two and a...