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Du ser denna annons eftersom sajten du besöker till stor del finansieras av annonsintäkter. Vissa annonser ser du för att vi tror att de kan intressera dig. Detta antagande baserar vi på din tidigare aktivitet på Schibsteds sajter och appar.
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Schibsted är en etablerad mediekoncern med huvudkontor i Oslo, som äger sajter som till exempel Blocket, Svenska Dagbladet, Omni, Aftonbladet och Prisjakt.
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Suzanne Stone (Nicole Kidman) is a weather reporter at her small-town cable station, but she dreams of being a big-time news anchor. However, she feels that her middle-class husband (Matt Dillon) is holding her back, so she decides to have him murdered. For this, she enlists Jimmy (Joaquin Phoenix), a high school boy who is enamored with her. The plan doesn't work exactly as she intended, though, and her husband's family starts to suspect that she was involved in his death.
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Betygsätt To Die For
Från kritikerna

4.1 av 5 Kritikers samlade betyg 5 recensioner

  • ...[a] crafty, extremely well-timed black comedy on infamy and TV celebrity, based on the novel by Joyce Maynard and centered on a revelatory performance from Nicole Kidman as the pretty princess who is really the wicked witch.

  • To Die For is the kind of movie that's merciless with its characters, and Kidman is superb at making Suzanne into someone who is not only stupid, vain and egomaniacal (we've seen that before) but also vulnerably human.

  • electric, colorful production that roasts the media and those obsessed by it over an open flame.

  • TO DIE FOR uses the tabloid-ready Pamela Smart murder case to mount an impudent, satirical attack on America's obsessive culture of celebrity.

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